Were’s Quilly Now?

Seems like she is always gone. Hrumph!

Actually I am right here online. Well, not HERE. Here, at Book’em Quilly, where I have just signed up to post every day for the next 14 weeks.  That’s quite a chunk of commitment and it might take even more time away from you, but it is my Bible Study, so I know you will agree it is important.

You might be wondering what my Bible Study posts are doing on my book review website, but the Bible is a book, right?  Okay, okay, technically it is an anthology, but that’s still a book.  Besides, that’s the place I was led to post it.

Next you might be wondering what brought this on.  Well, it started with Beth.  No, wait, it started with prayer.  Our Community Women’s Bible Study just ended and I need to find another study.  I bowed my head in prayer and asked God for something I could do alone, but that had accountability so I wouldn’t get busy and put it off like the four week Bible Study last summer that took me four months to finish.  In response, God nudged me to read the Gospels.  I replied (because I often argue with God), “Just read them? But that’s boring.  Besides, I need something that will lead me to study and think or I’ll just end up skimming.”  At which point I turned off my bedside lamp and snuggled down to sleep.  I had every intention of looking online for a nice four month week Bible Study the next morning.

In fact, when I got to my computer the next morning that was the first thing on my agenda — after email and Facebook, of course.  This is where Beth comes in.  She posted her intention to join Blogging Through the Gospels and post her study on Faith Walk.  I checked out her Faith Walk post, then I went to Mom’s Toolbox and discovered Amy, who designed and is leading this awesome study.

I want you to note that God got his way.  I am studying the Gospels.  He must have had a reason for instructing me to do so; however for once my arguing paid off.  The study involves contemplation and application, and — because he understands my failings — the study involves accountability as well.

So, when you can’t find me here, take a peek over there.  I hope you will be blessed by what you find.

Did You Know …

… that I have a poetry blog? It’s called, Bits of Me in Poetry, and I really don’t update it consistently, but lately I have found a few writing prompt sites and have been having fun with it. If you’re curious, go take a peek.

Some of my favorites:


How The Platypus Came To Be

Two Hours On A Bench: Scribbles As I Wait

For O’Ceallaigh

Trumpet Man

Winter Chill


Battered Rose

And about 40 others … enjoy.

I’ll be back in a few hours to post my photo challenge!  See you at midnight, Hawaii time.