Did You Know …

… that I have a poetry blog? It’s called, Bits of Me in Poetry, and I really don’t update it consistently, but lately I have found a few writing prompt sites and have been having fun with it. If you’re curious, go take a peek.

Some of my favorites:


How The Platypus Came To Be

Two Hours On A Bench: Scribbles As I Wait

For O’Ceallaigh

Trumpet Man

Winter Chill


Battered Rose

And about 40 others … enjoy.

I’ll be back in a few hours to post my photo challenge!  See you at midnight, Hawaii time.

5 thoughts on “Did You Know …

  1. Thanks for telling us about this, Quilly. However, I am NOT going there tonight (I hope), haha. I really do have to finish my chores and get to bed so I can get up early in the morning, which I don’t do easily, haha. I look forward to checking out your poetry tomorrow afternoon or evening.

    BTW, I just posted one of my poems that I wrote some years ago, for my Dad. It was his birthday today.

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