Company Comes to Visit

Early on New Year’s Day, our neighbors to the east came out, got in their car and left home.  I noted this with interest because they are a multi-car family of five and I had never before seen them all pile into the same vehicle.  I knew it was a momentous occasion.

About 5 minutes later I noticed the teen-aged daughter of our neighbor’s to the west.  I couldn’t help but notice her because she was standing in the driveway of our neighbors to the east, and I was on my way out to our carport to check the laundry.  She said, “Can you help me?” So I walked around our car and standing beside her was


I know that Kaya looks like a pitbull, but — since pit bulls are supposedly mean, vicious creatures — she can’t possibly be one.  Despite being several years old, Kaya is full of puppy wiggles and cuddles and love.

Kaya belongs to the neighbors to our east — the people that had just left home.  Now, we often see Kaya when her people leave home because she comes to the fence to visit us (never to bark or growl), but generally not this side of the fence.  The neighbor girl wanted to know how to put Kaya back in her own yard.  We tried the gate.  It was locked — which left the question, “How did Kaya get out?”

Last time Kaya was out, she had broken the gate, but as OC pointed out to the neighbor girl and I, it had been very well mended.  So, “How did Kaya get out?”  Not that it made any difference how she got out, she was out and the bigger question was, how to get her back in.

We didn’t waste much energy on that.  The teenage girl, who had been joined by her boyfriend, was dressed for the beach and her fella was packing a cooler.  I opened our gate, called Kaya into our yard and bid the couple, “Have a nice day”.

Kaya was more than content to follow OC around while he did the yard work and OC was content with that as well — except when he sat on the ground to pull weeds and Kaya sat in the weeds so he would pet her.  Kaya and I enjoyed that much more than OC seemed to.

OC got all of the outside shores done.  The plants have been repotted.  The garden has been weeded and seeded.  We discovered one of our orchids is about to bloom and the Christmas Cactus came inside to share it’s beauty.

And still the neighbors hadn’t come home.  It was dinner time.  OC came in to eat.  Kaya stretched out on the rug in the carport by our back door.  After dinner, OC turned the TV on to watch a bit of sports while I did the dishes.  About the time night fell, the fireworks came out again.  Kaya was a nervous wreck.  OC went outside and sat on the steps.  Kaya tried to cuddle up in his lap.  Finally we decided to let her in our house.

I was certain she would do what she did all day and cling to OC, but instead she glued herself to my side.  I was at the table with my laptop and Kaya stood beside me for quite some time, but finally she joined OC on the living room floor.

Around 9 p.m. we heard the magic sound of the garage door opening, and knew Kaya’s people were home.  Kaya shot straight for the door, where she did a joyous tap dance while waiting for the slow people to catch up and open it.  She did the same tap dance at the gate, where OC made her wait until her people noticed she was in the wrong yard.

Her people were happy that we kept Kaya safe, and they went in search of her escape route.  It seems she had broken the gate on the other side of their house as well.  The son said he would fix it right away, and he must have done so because when Kaya’s people went to work yesterday she stayed in her yard.