Vision of Delight

A few posts back I mentioned that if I don’t have my glasses on, I have to know exactly where they are, or I can’t find them. If I inadvertently put my glasses down without paying attention or drop them and they go skittering across the room, I am too blind to retrieve them. There are two ways I combat this problem.

First off, I have become very intentional with my glasses. I have assigned places for them. If I am stepping into the shower, my glasses go on the counter beside the sink. If I am stepping in the sunken tub, I want my glasses near to hand in case I decide to read, so they go on the window sill. Last night I flicked my glasses with the end of my bath towel and sent them careening into the closet. I then got down on my hands and knees and felt my way across the closet floor until I found them.

I should behave in a much more sane and sensible manner and buy a couple of spare pairs of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Zenni has beautiful, stylish, top quality glasses at super affordable prices. In fact, Zenni is so affordable I could actually buy several pairs in different fashion colors so my glasses always match my wardrobe. How cool would that be?  Besides, if I dropped a pair or put it down where it didn’t belong, I could just go to the cupboard and get a new pair so I could see to find the pair I lost.  That’s even cooler yet!

Zenni can provide quality eye wear for reasonable prices because they have no middle men to pay, no retail office space to purchase, and only a minimal advertising budget. My friend, Molly, has a half-dozen pair of Zenni eyeglasses and she loves them.  I’m thinking I will, too!