Vision of Delight

A few posts back I mentioned that if I don’t have my glasses on, I have to know exactly where they are, or I can’t find them. If I inadvertently put my glasses down without paying attention or drop them and they go skittering across the room, I am too blind to retrieve them. There are two ways I combat this problem.

First off, I have become very intentional with my glasses. I have assigned places for them. If I am stepping into the shower, my glasses go on the counter beside the sink. If I am stepping in the sunken tub, I want my glasses near to hand in case I decide to read, so they go on the window sill. Last night I flicked my glasses with the end of my bath towel and sent them careening into the closet. I then got down on my hands and knees and felt my way across the closet floor until I found them.

I should behave in a much more sane and sensible manner and buy a couple of spare pairs of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Zenni has beautiful, stylish, top quality glasses at super affordable prices. In fact, Zenni is so affordable I could actually buy several pairs in different fashion colors so my glasses always match my wardrobe. How cool would that be?  Besides, if I dropped a pair or put it down where it didn’t belong, I could just go to the cupboard and get a new pair so I could see to find the pair I lost.  That’s even cooler yet!

Zenni can provide quality eye wear for reasonable prices because they have no middle men to pay, no retail office space to purchase, and only a minimal advertising budget. My friend, Molly, has a half-dozen pair of Zenni eyeglasses and she loves them.  I’m thinking I will, too!

12 thoughts on “Vision of Delight

  1. Having recently spent several hundred dollars on new glasses, I find this deal a bit unnerving. How can they do this so cheaply and still have good quality, I wonder.
    .-= VioletSky´s last blog ..Monday AMuse =-.

    • Violet,
      When you shop at Zenni, you provide the prescription, so the doctor and tests have already been paid for. There is no fancy glasses “showroom” or assistants to aid you in the trying on and fitting — or encourage you to buy even more expensive eye wear. There is no markup for the necessary monies to pay for the merchandise, the people’s salaries, and the building lease plus earn a profit. AND, keep in mind, the prices you see are only for the frames, when you start adding lenses and bifocals and protective coatings or colorings, the final price will be higher. However, it will still be much less staggering than the price you paid in the doctor’s office.

  2. Great idea. That´s why I only buy cheap reading glasses and I have at least 10 of them laying around everywhere! 🙂 But somehow when I need them, I´m still searching…..

    • Melli — I am forbidden to wear contacts anymore. My allergies make my eyes swell almost instantly. Not only that, my eyes are extremely dry and contacts hurt. And NOBODY is cutting my eye while it’s still mostly working fine, thank you! As to the chain trick, I wear my glasses on top of my head if I am only taking them off for a moment. My problem is losing them when I sleep or putting them down someplace weird when it is shower or bed time. Chain or not, I still manage to forget where I put them.

  3. I feel sorry for you. It must be awful to be in a situation where you cannot see. My eyesight is pretty good. I wear glasses only when I read the newspaper. I can still read the paper witthout them, but don them to prevent eye strain.

    A friend’s wife is legally blind. She was diagnosed with macular degeneration. So sad, as she was a newspaper reporter.
    .-= gigi-hawaii´s last blog ..Letting work consume you… =-.

  4. I’m completely blind without my glasses too, so I’m VERY careful with where I put them when I go to bed or go for a shower. I do have a spare pair, but they are pretty outdated so I cringe at breaking my “good” glasses.

    True story, I once lost a pair of glasses at a rock concert. It was a really rough crowd and I got shoved (and fell). Sometime during that my glasses went MIA and I had to spend the rest of the day being led around by someone. On the way home we stopped for a buffet and I was going down the line, what’s that, what’s that?
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  5. I think buying a half-dozen pair is a good idea for you! If I was that dependent upon glasses, I would definitely stock up. (Sadly, I would also forget where I had put my spare glasses….)
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Reflection =-.

  6. I remember last year I purchased half-dozen magnifying reading glasses from the Dollar Store in different designs. I keep a pair in every room, in my car, purse, etc.

    I agree that you must have several pair!
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