Day 6 — And Yet Another Stroll

I am loving my time here in Friday Harbor.  Are you tired of my walks yet? I’m not. The Friday Harbor Lab grounds are a nature preserve. One is not allowed to pick the flowers or bother the animals. However, taking pics is a whole different matter.

My intent this afternoon — after a very lazy day of lounging around the house — was to walk down the road a piece and photograph the Fox Glove in the yard by the cabins.

Fox Glove

On my way back from photographing the Fox Glove, I met this little fella.

White Crowned Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrow

He was a mouthy little thing and he had quite a bit to say to me — and by the tone I don’t think any of it was complimentary. He was upset because I was investigating a berry bush he has staked out as his. It is obvious he’s not up for sharing.

But the highlight of today came this morning as Amoeba and I were starting the day. Amoeba got to the living room before me and I heard him speak — barely above a whisper, “Hey, Love. Get your camera and come here.”

I did not know what he was going to show me, but I walked quietly through the apartment, got my camera and joined him at the window. I took this through the glass:

Velvet Pronged Buck

Velvet Pronged Buck

This shot and the close up following it I took from the balcony.


Should I Run?

He chose to saunter slowly away.