Ridgeway Becket Curio Grandfather Clock

I’ve fallen in love! Our wonderful new home has a grand foyer and it needs an accessory that will make a grand statement. I began by looking at desks and shelves, and then I found this incredible Grandfather Clock.

I have always loved curio cabinets and I have always loved Grandfather Clocks.  How perfect that the two of them have been wed in this gorgeous timepiece.  You know what else is perfect?  I found this blog post, Housewarming Gifts And Home Warming Presents, that explained to me exactly how I was going to go about getting this clock.

You are all cordially invited to a party in our new home.  BYOB and a couple dollar bills to attach to the money tree.  (Five, ten, twenty, fifty and even hundred dollar bills are also acceptable.)

I have a passion for clocks.  I find the rhythmic tick-tock-ticking very soothing.  I especially love the chimes on grandfather clocks.  This one has Westminster Chimes, which means it plays a bit of music, and then counts the hour in gongs.  It also has the feature where one can silence the chimes during their sleeping hours — and a volume control on how loudly the chimes play.

Note that the case of this clock is wrought iron and not wood.  It will fit in well with the contemporary country design of our home. So, what do you say? Can you make it to the house warming?