Health Update: The Doctor Called

The doctor called with my test results. Men (and some of the women), you may not wish to read this.  Proceed knowing you are venturing into TMI territory.

The doctor said that he’d removed an intraductal papilloma from my breast.  The words are big and scary, but what he took away was a very tiny, benign cyst.  The doctor said that intraductal paploma cycts are akin to warts, except these warts grow only in milk ducts.  Apparently they are very common but they seldom bring any attention to themselves. In my case it had actually punctured the lining of the milk duct and the resultant blood seepage found an outlet via my nipple.

I am also given to understand the the condition is usually painless.  I am certain that the doc now thinks I am a baby, but I am here to tell you, there was nothing painless about it.  It felt as though I had a tiny hot coal sitting on my nipple.  While the pain wasn’t excruciating, it was constant.  Any pain, 24/7 saps energy.  My pain wasn’t caused by the papilloma itself, but by the resulting infection in the punctured milk duct. Add to that worry because my family has a horrific history of breast cancer, and I actually think I stayed pretty calm and level-headed during this whole thing.

Now, about that word, benign, check the dictionary.  The definition is “kindly and benevolent”.  The pain I was in felt neither kindly nor benevolent and I told Amoeba so.  He responded that he was pretty certain it was much more friendly than anything attached to the word “cancerous” would have been.  I have to concede that he has a point.