Update & Announcement

On the job front, all of the teaching resumes I sent out are coming back with, “thanks, but no thanks,” letters attached.  Next week I will be visiting temp agencies because some work is better than none.  Plus, the last job I had came through a temp agency — although at this point it is difficult to say whether or not that is a good or bad thing!  Pft.

The rest of this post is a public service announcement for all of you who prefer not to read my paid posts — check the category labels.  If you see, PP, SS, or Paid Post, then it’s a paid post!  If you don’t see it, it isn’t.  I will not put anything on my blog that I haven’t in some way identified as paid.  I prefer taking only sponsors that want or allow their sponsorship to be shared up front, but that isn’t always possible.

And — for those who are curious — it has been 3 weeks and I have earned just over $100.00

AND — for those who are being judgemental about this, please feel free to send me a monthly support check big enough to not make paid blogging worthwhile.