PNW Giant

This photo shows Amoeba with a cross section of a Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir tree.  These trees can live for a thousand years, primarily because they have a very thick bark that allows them to survive many pestilence attacks and moderate fires.

Technically, the Douglas Fir isn’t a true fir tree, as evidenced by a close look at the “needles” and the cones. I considered using “fake fur” as today’s Punny Monday answer, but I figured you’d all be even less likely to guess that.

Douglas Fir trees are the most commonly marketed Christmas trees in the United States.  They are usually trimmed to a perfect cone shape when young, and then they continue to grow that way.  The Noble Fir and Grand Fir are also sold as Christmas trees.

Don’t Bug Me

All this rain is making me miss the long, hot, dry days in Vegas. I was thinking how good it would feel to step out into the dry desert heat and soak in about 100º of vitamin D.   I miss having a tan.  I really miss the elevated mood effects of sunshine.

Happily, thinking of all the things I miss maked me wonder why I left, then I remembered all the things I wanted to get away from:

Gray — the city is made of concrete. What isn’t dry sand — also gray — is concrete.
Dust — the whole place is dry and when the wind blows dust and sand flies.
Bugs — they love the heat and thrive in Vegas.

If I’d had the number of a good Las Vegas exterminator I might have stayed longer. In Vegas getting rid of bugs — and keeping them gone — takes a pro. Store bought bug sprays are like candy to the LV roaches. They gobble the stuff down and ask for more.

And did you know that a female cockroach only has to mate once and she’s pregnant for the rest of her life? She just keeps popping the damn things out! Seriously! You can check it out here on this Fun Bug Facts page. Some of the facts aren’t fun though, they’re just plain gross — like the occupied house (people, pets & more) that had over (estimated) 1 million cockroaches that when the house was purged “flowed out over the lawns, tree trunks, and walls of nearby homes, and into the sewers”. [shudder]

Turkey of A Day

Right now I am exhausted.  We landed at Logan Airport in Boston after over overnight flight in which I may have managed 4 hours of semi-concious sleep.  We rented a car and drove to Cape Cod.  Yes, I have some photos.  I’ll share them when I am not too exhausted to make sense.

We ate breakfast at a friendly restaurant named Friendly’s, then Amoeba took me sightseeing.  I saw some sights.  I got sand from the Atlantic Ocean in my shoes and socks — a bit of salt water, too.  I also collected a pocket full of sea shells and a cute nugget of pink granite.  I wanted to pick ALL of the pink granite up, but Amoeba said he is not carrying a suitcase full of rocks home. I do wish he was a little more reasonable about such matters, but I love him anyway.

We went to Scusset Beach State Reservation and Amoeba showed me the end of the Cape Cod Canal.  I collected a couple of really great photos there.  We also met a local named Tom.  I was really surprised to learn that he keeps a harem.  I didn’t think such things were legal in this country.  Still, looking at him you can clearly see why the ladies find him irresistible.  He is quite a looker!

Tom Turkey