Jill of All Trades

I am going to need help sorting out  all of my identities.  I am a blogger, a book reviewer, an Avon Lady, a girl-friend, a writer, ….. I don’t know how to keep things straight anymore or how to introduce myself to people, especially when they ask, “And what is it you do?”  How do I answer that question?

You all come here often.  You must know me.  Tell me who I am! Seriously, I tried to write a paragraph about myself for the church bulletin (new member introduction) and all I could come up with is who I used to be.  How do I describe me now that doesn’t include the words, “used to be”?  I don’t feel used up and worn out.  I know I am still productive and valuable — I just haven’t quite gotten a handle on where and how yet.

I am getting ready to design business cards and I don’t know quite what to put on them. I appear to be in transition. Any ideas? Of course my phone numbers are a given, but do I include my legal name and my internet name (which after 13 years feels pretty legal)? Do I list my blog? My Avon website? What do I use for a logo? Should I buy two separate sets of cards?

In case you are wondering why I want business cards at all, think of them as calling cards. How often have you struggled to give someone your name and number looking for paper and a writing implement? With cards you just hand them one — quick and easy.

So, share your thoughts. Who am I and what do I put on my cards?