Stray Puppy Ads

I am being stalked by ads.  They follow me around the internet.  I thought it was my imagination, but now I know better.  I have been marked for retargeting.  There is a good chance you’ve been marked, too.

Do you keep seeing the same ad crop up over and over no matter where you go?  Does it show you something you had actually looked at and paused to consider on another website?  Do you ever stop and wonder, given the way internet ads rotate so quickly, why you keep seeing the same one?  There’s a reason.  You are a  remarketing target.

Don’t panic, it isn’t painful or malicious, but you might want to rein in your impulse buying tendencies.  Those ads are following you because you have already showed an interest in them.  Like stray puppies, they want to be picked up and taken home.  When you visit a website you are given an electronic cookie that works like a doggy biscuit.  Some electronic cookies are designed by retargeting companies so that whenever you visit a webpage that has their content on it, you will see the happily wagging tail of  whatever ad they’re promoting that corresponds to the most current doggie cookie in your browser.

Really, it is a pretty ingenious selling method.  The consumer is repeatedly exposed to products, services and merchandise of personal interest, and the advertisers are assured that interested peoples are seeing their ads.  Now next time you see that ad at three sites in a row, you’ll know why it’s following you.  And, if you’ve got something you want to sell, you know what kind of internet ad to purchase.

Facebook Published Your Phone Number

Your phone number may be accessible through Facebook.

Login to Facebook.  Go to the top right of your screen, click Account then click Edit Friends.

Go to the left side of your screen and click Phonebook. Everyone’s phone#’s are now being published. Please re-post to let your friends know this is happening so they can remove their phone #’s by changing their privacy settings= (Privacy Settings – Phone- Customize -Only Me)

This news came to my attention in a message posted by Bonnie S. Calhoun.

Apartment Hunting Made Safe

When Amoeba and I moved here to our fabulous home in Friday Harbor, we found the house online, asked for photos, then sent a friend to check the place out. As you know, we were thrilled with the results and love where we live. Our house is a joy to me everyday.

In 1997 when I moved to Vegas, I rented my apartment online, saw photos, and felt secure in my decision because I’d chosen a gated community. Then I arrived to discover that my gated community was in a highly industrialized area and the streets around it were deserted at night. Scary since I had to walk a couple of blocks to and from the bus stop at least twice a day.

Now folks who are relocating can rely on Apartment Grade to provide them with accurate apartment ratings and up-to-date rental information. That has to be a relief to parents who are sending their kids off to college and settling them in housing units so far away from home.

It has got to be a relief for people relocating because of their jobs, too. Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone they know and trust already at their destination. Apartment Grade can fill that gap and provide the assurance that the rental property is indeed what it claims to be.

Magnetic Advertising

Okay, my business cards are working out big time!  My phone is ringing. How cool is that?

Now I think it is time to kick it up to the next notch and get Advertising Magnets. I can get my business cards printed with magnetic backs. That way people would always have my number and my Avon info on their fridge which I bet they never misplace.

I am also contemplating getting a couple of those magnetic car signs for my car door. Then I would always be advertising my Avon business. Not only that, all the mileage I put on my car with the signs attached is tax deductible!

I just took out a one week ad in the newspaper. It cost me just under $20.00. For a little over twice that much I could get the magnetic door signs. I could use them for weeks on end — months even — and only pay the one time fee. Plus, I’d get much better exposure.

Those door signs would also work well with another Avon selling strategy. At our last monthly meeting Cynthia told me I should always carry bagged Avon books and a window hook in my car, then when I park I hang a few Avon books out and interested passersby can grab one. That car sign might lead people in the parking lot to approach the car and see the books.

Or I could create a shape magnet. I think a magnet shaped like a bottle of nail polish (only bigger, of course) with my Avon contact info on it might be catchy. And all of these strategies combined (implemented one at a time, of course) will slowly help me grow my business.

Michael Voulgarelis: The Genius Behind Orizzi.Com

Orizzi.Com is about to do for text messaging what Twitter did for the internet.  This is a brilliant concept. I predict that businesses will instantly see the potential of this service and it will take-off like wildfire.  The brain behind this was nothing short of inspired — and it all started because he forgot a coupon.

The purpose of a coupon is to get a customer into the store.  Because of the way coupons are currently used, they must be valid for days or weeks and the customer can wander in anytime during that time period.  That really doesn’t help boost business on a slow day and michael voulgarelis realized that.

Think about it.  There you are standing in your store or shop.  You have employees  on the time clock, but no customers.  Money is going out but none is coming in.  Quick!  What do you do?  Well, if you’re brilliant, you create a “Today Only” or “For the Next 3 Hours Only” coupon and you text it to all of your customers.  So there you are in your lunch shop.  It is 11:45 a.m. and the place should be jumping by now, but you’ve only one customer and the parking lot is deserted.  Fill it in a instant with a special coupon offer.  “Noon to 3 PM Only, Free Soft Drink with Purchase of a Burger.”  Suddenly the dinner is full, your employees are working frantically and there are folks waiting to be seated.

Did I mention this idea was brilliant?  What business couldn’t use it?  Dentists, doctor, beauticians, therapists, etc., use Orizzi to fill missed appointment slots.  Celebrities use it to promote movie, video, record sales, etc.  Ball parks use it to fill empty stadium seats.  Orizzi works.  Visit the website and check it out.