Holey Shoes With Lost Soles

Most Amoeba’s don’t wear shoes, but mine does.  For the most part I have paid little attention to his footwear beyond noting that he has it.  With the exception of his casually-dressy leather Boat Shoes, Amoeba prefers utilitarian footwear.  He is more into durability and comfort than he is style.  Having said all that, I have no idea why I was surprised to discover that Amoeba’s house slippers are without soles.

I said, “I can’t believe you’re still wearing those!”

He said, “They’re the only slippers I have!”

I said, “We can buy you another pair.”

He tucked his feet closer to the bed.  “But I like these!”

I realized I had a challenge on my hands and immediately started scouring the internet.  Score! I found a perfect match for the slippers Amoeba has on his feet.  Not only did I find the slippers, I found them at a great price!

I also found them in a great clothing catalog.  While I was purchasing Amoeba’s slippers, I got myself a nice light weight wind breaker, too.  I have my eyes on a pair of shoes I am likely going to order myself and a bathrobe for Amoeba.  Since I just found this place I am waiting for our first order to arrive before I purchase anything else.

I am really not worried about the quality of the clothing or their customer satisfaction policies.  I read excellent customer reviews on both of the items I ordered.  I also read a review on another product which was written by a dissatisfied customer who said that even though the product wasn’t what he was hoping for, the customer service was excellent and he returned his item for a full refund.  I love shopping when I have guarantees like that.

Now I need a guarantee that Amoeba will actually accept the slipper exchange.

Looking Good & Shopping Smart

I just got my haircut.  It is a great haircut and I am very pleased with the way it looks and feels.  I am also very pleased with the hair stylist, who approved when I told her I was “going natural” and wanted the last of the dye removed from my hair.  She did however encourage me to seek “product” to manage my hair.

Unlike every other stylist I have ever encountered, there was no “product” for sale in this shop.  She did not drag me to some fancy glass case and insist I needed a $23.00 an ounce shampoo and 52 other related products.  She said, “Get a nice stiff gel and some hair spray.”  I like this lady.  I will be seeing her again.

In the meantime, I am checking out Shopwiki for the best prices on hair gels and sprays. I love Shopwiki because it compares products from a variety of stores and lets me choose the one offering the best prices. For instance, I love Paul Mitchell Hair Care products, so I type “Paul Mitchell” in the Shopwiki search engine and I get a plethora of results for stores selling Paul Mitchell Hair Care products. At that point all I have to do is click on the sites that interest me the most and decide where it is I want to shop.

One really cool Shopwiki feature that I truly appreciate is that they provide me with a link to every online store selling the product or products I am searching for. Shopwiki doesn’t just feature the stores that have subscribed to their service. They aggregate everything available and offer it all up for the convenience of their shoppers. And it is convenient, too. check it out!