French Vanilla Flavored Macaroni & Cheese

If you think it sounds vile you should try tasting it. Amoeba likened it to being bushwhacked by a dear and trusted friend.

He’d arrived at the dining room table with a light of love in his eyes — not for me, for my homemade macaroni and cheese, one of his favorite dishes. He filled his plate, grabbed his fork, took a bite and froze, staring down at his dinner in dismay. Slowly he lifted his gaze to me.  Most likely my face mirrored his look of horror. I know my taste buds were outraged.

I make my mac and cheese with real butter, real cream and real aged cheddar cheese. Sometimes I substitute Half & Half for cream, especially if there is a fantastic sale on Half & Half, which there was — sort of:

Please don’t tell anyone I am a certified reading teacher.