Quilly’s Garden

My garden is growing quite contrarily! My pepper plants stopped at 4 inches tall and that’s that. They aren’t getting enough heat in our 67 degree Summer.  My broccoli flowered when it was only 2 inches tall!

Everything else is doing great.  As you know, I planted most of my garden in window boxes.  They are absolutely perfect for the deck and I have them out in rows just like a regular garden.

The window box with the lettuces in it has already provided us with several salads and some yummy L for our BLT sandwiches.  In fact, we were enjoying them so much, we planted a second box.  That’s the one you see in the picture foreground that looks like it is mostly dirt.  Just give it some time and it will be salad.

If you ever give any thought to planting a container garden I highly recommend window boxes for your lettuces, herbs, and green onions.  Our dill is going strong.  I already picked some of it for our salad the other night.  I used a little of my fresh cilantro to dress up our salmon & cracker hors d’Å“uvres. It looked great but was a little over-powering flavor-wise so we ended up picking them off. Alas.