My long time readers will know that when I moved to Hawaii, I pretty much sold and or gave away everything I owned.  The stuff I couldn’t bear to part with, I boxed and mailed.  The boxes I sent to my sister and she kept them in her garage until I went home a few weeks ago.  Now those boxes  — mailed again — are showing up at my door one at a time — the wrong one at a time.  The winter coats arrived today.  We so don’t need them now!

At any rate, I just learned there was a much easier way to do all of this!  I could have kept a lot more of my stuff and it all would have arrived at once.  I suppose I am the last one on the planet to learn about portable storage.  One of Amoeba’s colleagues mentioned it the other day (she just moved from Friday Harbor to Hawaii) and I had to look it up.

There is this absolutely nifty self storage site online that lets you look for storage — movable or stationary — and they have over 12,000 locations nationwide!  That is so cool.  So why didn’t I know about this when I was moving?

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