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My long time readers will know that when I moved to Hawaii, I pretty much sold and or gave away everything I owned.  The stuff I couldn’t bear to part with, I boxed and mailed.  The boxes I sent to my sister and she kept them in her garage until I went home a few weeks ago.  Now those boxes  — mailed again — are showing up at my door one at a time — the wrong one at a time.  The winter coats arrived today.  We so don’t need them now!

At any rate, I just learned there was a much easier way to do all of this!  I could have kept a lot more of my stuff and it all would have arrived at once.  I suppose I am the last one on the planet to learn about portable storage.  One of Amoeba’s colleagues mentioned it the other day (she just moved from Friday Harbor to Hawaii) and I had to look it up.

There is this absolutely nifty self storage site online that lets you look for storage — movable or stationary — and they have over 12,000 locations nationwide!  That is so cool.  So why didn’t I know about this when I was moving?

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    1. Gigi — I am glad to be of service! A friend of mine just moved from Nevada to Texas using portable storage and she was quite happy with it.

  1. Doug — shhhhhhhhhh — they didn’t want in-post acknowledgment that it was a paid commercial. Other than that, all the personal content is true. I will never lie to anyone to sell and ad.

    1. Melli — no. The directive wasn’t to ME. It was to anybody picking up the ad. I think the stipulation was put in place because many people skip paid posts.

    1. Church Lady — the storage company brings the storage pod to your home. You fill it with your possessions. Then the storage company comes to get it and delivers it to wherever you want it. Moving made easy — all in one “box”. OR, you can put your stuff in the box and have them store it in their lot. Or, you could just rent a local storage unit. And all of that can be done from this one website.

  2. Do they have a Canadian Chapter Quilly? I think I am in need of movers and storage folks as I played my last trump card and I am in search of a new job. You heard me right, so I figured if I got to look for a new job, might as well do it back east in Ontario where I am closer to my sister.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..My Dad ~ Thanks For The Memories =-.

    1. I don’t know, Bill. Enter your search terms in the website and give them a try. Sorry to hear about your woes. I have offered a prayer.

  3. I’ve moved so many times, and usually classed each move as an excuse to discard stuff. Now I’m settled after 30 years of moving around, AND in a smaller house, boy is it piling up!
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