The Quirks That Make Me, Me

I was contemplating unpacking. The mover just called and confirmed that he’ll be in Friday Harbor sometime before noon tomorrow. (I love decisive meeting times.) I immediately started mentally arranging my new home … for at least the 37th time. One of the things I keep coming back to is the new habits that I will have to form.

If it weren’t for deliberately conditioned habits, I would never be able to find anything. For instance, in Hawaii I kept the car keys on top of the microwave. Amoeba preferred to keep them in his pocket. Since we only have the one set of keys you can see how this was a problem.

There will be other problems as well. After I shower the first several times I will finally figure out the best place to leave my glasses so I can find them later. I am blind as a bat and if I don’t have the darn things on, I cannot see to find them!  And I can’t just leave them anywhere.  I need a place safe from flapping towels and such.

Unlike Hawaii, where our room was barely wide enough for just the bed, here I know exactly where I’ll put my glasses when I go to sleep at night since we just ordered cool new night stands.  Actually, we decided to be a bit non-traditional and ordered end tables with magazine/book racks to sit on either side of the bed.  They are roomier and should hold all of our possessions.

We will also have to find our comfort zones and make our own personal sweet spots in the new furniture.  I have already scoped out the end of the love seat closest to the fireplace for myself, but I keep ending up in the dining room.  I love siting at the table.  It is brightly lit with natural sunlight since it has windows on three sides.

I am happy and excited and can’t wait to put our new home together — and in the midst of all that I am already worried about misplacing car keys, glasses and other such things.  After spending this many years with myself — and moving as many times as I have — I know that planning deliberate routines from day one is the best way to keep me sane.

glassesI just spent about a half an hour at looking at women’s glasses frames. There are a bunch of different styles and almost every one comes in a variety of colors, so there was plenty to look at and choose from.  In addition to having a wide range of frame choices, I can get my prescription lenses there as well.  I can even get prescription sunglasses, an item which is pretty high on my current wish list.

The men’s frames have boy’s names and the women’s frames have girls names.  The pair of frames you see pictured here (click to make bigger and check out the cool detailing at the temple) caught my eye and tickled my fancy not just because they look so cool, but because of their name:  Charlene.  You know that made me grin.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses and you don’t like the prices at the optometrist’s office, grab your prescription (it must be under two years old) and check out the deals you can get here.

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