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The Quirks That Make Me, Me

I was contemplating unpacking. The mover just called and confirmed that he’ll be in Friday Harbor sometime before noon tomorrow. (I love decisive meeting times.) I immediately started mentally arranging my new home … for at least the 37th time. One of the things I keep coming back to is the new habits that I will have to form.

If it weren’t for deliberately conditioned habits, I would never be able to find anything. For instance, in Hawaii I kept the car keys on top of the microwave. Amoeba preferred to keep them in his pocket. Since we only have the one set of keys you can see how this was a problem.

There will be other problems as well. After I shower the first several times I will finally figure out the best place to leave my glasses so I can find them later. I am blind as a bat and if I don’t have the darn things on, I cannot see to find them!  And I can’t just leave them anywhere.  I need a place safe from flapping towels and such.

Unlike Hawaii, where our room was barely wide enough for just the bed, here I know exactly where I’ll put my glasses when I go to sleep at night since we just ordered cool new night stands.  Actually, we decided to be a bit non-traditional and ordered end tables with magazine/book racks to sit on either side of the bed.  They are roomier and should hold all of our possessions.

We will also have to find our comfort zones and make our own personal sweet spots in the new furniture.  I have already scoped out the end of the love seat closest to the fireplace for myself, but I keep ending up in the dining room.  I love siting at the table.  It is brightly lit with natural sunlight since it has windows on three sides.

I am happy and excited and can’t wait to put our new home together — and in the midst of all that I am already worried about misplacing car keys, glasses and other such things.  After spending this many years with myself — and moving as many times as I have — I know that planning deliberate routines from day one is the best way to keep me sane.


  1. Quirky Quilly! Dennis is as blind a you are and he has to do the same thing. Poor thing falls asleep with his glasses on and then can’t find them in the king size bed… it’s SAD!

    You are going to have a blast working out all your quirky little stuff! I almost never sit on a couch either. I’m almost always either at my computer desk or my kitchen table. We don’t have a dining room – so the kitchen table is THE place to be!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Lovely Weekend =-.

    1. Melli — I actually have an extra pair of glasses I carry with me (the old pair) in case I misplace the current pair.

  2. I don’t think it’s quirky to be organized. Good for you for planning ahead. Have fun with the new house and furniture! What meal will you cook for the first time in your new kitchen? Remember to buy a pie plate. LOL.
    .-= gigi-hawaii´s last blog ..Creativity and plagiarism =-.

  3. I’m also as blind as a bat, if I don’t wear my glasses. That’s why I almost never take them off, because I almost always forget where I put them.

    Happy unpacking 🙂 !
    .-= Rosidah Abidin´s last blog ..Easy Cooking Ideas =-.

  4. I love planning out where to put things, though it takes me forever. I’m not one who rearranges the furniture every couple of years — I usually find the way I like it best and leave it there.

    But one of the most disconcerting things to me is changing those habits from reaching where I used to in the old house for things and remembering where to reach in the new. Eventually the new becomes automatic, but until it takes a while. Establishing those routines does help.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Going Home =-.

  5. Last week I looked all over the place for my glasses….they were hooked on the neckline of my shirt. Yikes.
    Some days I think I spend more time looking for things than I do working on the remodel…progress schmogress.
    Good luck with the unpacking!
    .-= shelly´s last blog ..Sedums =-.

  6. One of my son’s ‘jobs’ is finding my glasses for me when I’ve wandered away from them; how can you look for them when you can’t see?? They should make them with a microchip that beeps when you call them or clap. I’d pay money for that feature!

    Congratulations – I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow in your beautiful new house WITH your stuff at last!
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Holy Wow I Inspired A Thousand Dollars in Milan! =-.

  7. A miracle happened ! You got your furniture ! Wonderful I can imagine how happy you are to be able to finally move into your house !

  8. I’m laughing over the “sometime before noon” time frame. Hello? Ferry schedules? I hope he didn’t really mean “sometime before noon” in Anacortes!!

    I only have a few minutes to catch up here, so I’ll see what else I can read and comment on…
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Friday 5 on March 5 =-.

  9. I know just what you’re talking about. We had the same problem when we moved to Hawaii. We had to make a concious effort to find our own personal spaces. I think we’re good to go now. It’s nice you have such a big place now to find perfect spots in.
    .-= musings´s last blog ..Dumb Dog or Bird Brained? Neither! =-.

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