Privacy With a View

If the neighbors look out their bedroom window they can see right into my home office.  Since this is my home I tend to wander around in it dressed however I please.  I also tend to leave my window shades up because I thrive on natural light.

Tonight I glanced out my office window and made eye contact with the man next door as he was closing his bedroom window shades.  Luckily I was wearing my bathrobe — this time.  The incident set me to thinking about my former father-in-law’s windows.

Dean put privacy window film on the two big picture windows in the front of his house. He was still able to see out and get natural sunlight, but no one could see in. Plus he installed the film himself without any trouble whatsoever.

He also put decorative window film up in his bathroom. It was a classy improvement over the roll down window shade and it brightened the room right up, but still protected our modesty. I wonder if I could get permission to put some decorative window film up in my office?