Try the New Lux Score® to Find the Luxury You Deserve

Have you ever looked for a place to live in the classified ads?  I can tell you I have and I was directed to some real dumps.  Amoeba and I once looked at a molding, decrepit place in Hawaii that couldn’t have lived up to its glowing ad when it was brand new.  Proof of the old adage, “If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.”  However, we can now add, unless you find it on Luxury Apartments.  Luxury Apartments issues each property a Lux Score® rating from one to five, with five being super posh.  Eliminate the moldy horrors by shopping at

Luxury Apartments is easy to navigate, provides a good selection of listings, offers an abundance of current photographs, and even supplies floor plans so you can do much of your shopping online and formulate your questions before you arrive to consider the actual property. In addition, you will find the rent/leases prices clearly displayed by unit and by floor plan. Plus, they provide my favorite feature of all — you can shop by your chosen list of amenities. Suppose you’re interested in finding Atlanta Luxury Apartments and you want a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 baths, a fire place, garbage disposal, dishwasher, laundry hookups, and a balcony? Just click the appropriate buttons on the search engine and you will be directed to properties in Atlanta, Georgia that suit your wants and needs.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to move to Atlanta to use Luxury Apartments.  If you are looking for a quality place to live just ask it to provide the choice selections for the city in which you live. You can peruse them online, choose the ones that tickle your fancy, and then make appointments to view the properties — all without getting any nasty ink residue on your hands or having to decipher those tricky classified ads.

Finding an Apartment

I remember when I was planning to move from Lewiston, Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I knew no one in Vegas.  I was searching for an apartment online and knew nothing of the neighborhoods.  All I had was a city street map, a city transit schedule, and apartment rental ads.  I was terrified about where I might end up!

I actually used one of the national apartment finding services.  They provide reasonably thorough descriptions, almost always have photos and sometimes even have floor plans.  I managed to rent a decent apartment, but it wasn’t really in the best of neighborhoods.  I would have known that if the apartments ratings guide had been around back then.

Apartment Guide would have supplied me with the information I needed to choose a less industrial area which wouldn’t have been so dark and deserted at night.  The internet has changed the way people do business and plan their lives.  Places like Apartment Guide have made moving across country a little less risky.

Home Finder Search Engine

I know several of you are currently or soon to be relocating, so when I was asked to review this Foreclosure Listings search engine I jumped at the chance. All you have to do is go to the website and type in the city and state you are moving to and you will receive a list of foreclosed homes.

Did you know that there is an $8,000.00 tax credit available to folks buying a foreclosure? That’s a hefty amount of incentive if you ask me! Even though you won’t get a brand new home, many of them are like new — but you don’t get those brand new prices.

Stats and photos are available for each home. The ForeclosurePatch also provides a large selection of instructional articles about how to buy a foreclosed homes.

I’m telling you, I looked at some of the listings for Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (my home town) and a few for Spokane, WA. and the prices almost blew me away! I saw a 6 bedroom 4 bathroom house in the Spokane foreclosure listings for just over 300k! That’s unheard of!