Service Beyond the Ordinary

Amoeba declared that if he ate one more piece of fish he was going to die. Then he said we were going to Red Robin for lunch and he was ordering meat. I wasn’t as down on fish as Amoeba, but I had certainly had my fill of drawn butter and cream sauces, so I agreed — but I was craving salad.

We went to the Red Robin at Wareham Crossing Mall in Wareham, MA. Amoeba ordered Nachoes. I had a Chinese Chicken Salad. And then I asked the waiter:

“Where is your carousel horse? I have been eating in Red Robin restaurants since the early 80s, and have visited RR restaurants in half a dozen states. Every one of those restaurants has has at least one carousel horse. Where is yours?”

Maleek, our server extraordinaire, said that the Plymouth RR has a carousel horse, but — alas — their store did not. I said, “But a Red Robin just isn’t a Red Robin without a carousel horse!” Maleek apologized and went away. I dug into my salad and it was so good I promptly forgot about carousel horses or anything that didn’t involve mandarin oranges, tangy Asian salad dressing and fresh veggies.

Maleek returned to the table. He said, “I didn’t want you to be disappointed, so I got you a carousel horse.”

I was amazed and charmed. How incredibly sweet. Maleek mentioned my comment to the manager, who went back, found me a clip art horse, printed him out and pasted him on a carousel stick just for me. If you are ever in Wareham, Massachusetts, be sure to visit Wareham Crossing and eat at the Red Robin — and make sure you ask for Maleek. He goes above and beyond the expected customer service.

Thanks Maleek. Lunch was delicious and Amoeba and I had a great time!