Just a bit of Visual Interest

It has been awhile since I shared a photo and I know some of you hang out here for that, so how about an eye-popping poppy?

These grow by the theater where Amoeba has been “playing” these past several weeks. My Fair Lady finishes its run this Sunday afternoon with an audience sing-a-long as their grand-finale. It sounds like it will be a rousing party. I don’t know that I’ll be there though. I am, however, thinking of attending the Friday night performance if there’s a seat available.

My Fair Mister

My Fair Lady is now playing at the Whittier Theater in Friday Harbor, WA. As I have mentioned, my Amoeba has been rehearsing for the San Juan Island Community Theater play. Well, they had their grand opening last night and I hear they were very well received. I saw the final dress rehearsal and loved it. I tried to take some photos but between my short lens, the low lighting and the bright stage lights, I didn’t get many good shots. However, a couple of other people put together video. This first clip is the play trailer and it was put together from rehearsal clips.

Professor Higgins is played by Daniel Finn.
Eliza is played by Desirae Whelan, a SanJuan Island High School student.
Mrs. Higgins is played by Deb Langhans.
Colonel Pickering is played by John Davis.

Then there’s my handful of photos:


"Wouldn't It Be Lovely?"


"Wouldn't It Be Lovely?"


"With a Little Bit of Luck"


"I'm An Ordinary Man"


"The Ascot Gavotte"


"Get Me To The Church On Tme"


"Eliza Doolittle"

Here is another video, this one made by Ken Serratt of the blog, Digital San Juan.  In the play, Ken is Alfred Doolittle.  When you check out his blog you will see that Ken labels himself as a tree trimmer/photographer.  I can’t speak for the trees he’s trimmed, but his photography and photo-editing skills are outstanding. Enjoy!

And, if you still want more, the San Juan Islander has a full cast list and three pages of photos.