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My Fair Mister

My Fair Lady is now playing at the Whittier Theater in Friday Harbor, WA. As I have mentioned, my Amoeba has been rehearsing for the San Juan Island Community Theater play. Well, they had their grand opening last night and I hear they were very well received. I saw the final dress rehearsal and loved it. I tried to take some photos but between my short lens, the low lighting and the bright stage lights, I didn’t get many good shots. However, a couple of other people put together video. This first clip is the play trailer and it was put together from rehearsal clips.

Professor Higgins is played by Daniel Finn.
Eliza is played by Desirae Whelan, a SanJuan Island High School student.
Mrs. Higgins is played by Deb Langhans.
Colonel Pickering is played by John Davis.

Then there’s my handful of photos:

"Wouldn't It Be Lovely?"

"Wouldn't It Be Lovely?"

"With a Little Bit of Luck"

"I'm An Ordinary Man"

"The Ascot Gavotte"

"Get Me To The Church On Tme"

"Eliza Doolittle"

Here is another video, this one made by Ken Serratt of the blog, Digital San Juan.  In the play, Ken is Alfred Doolittle.  When you check out his blog you will see that Ken labels himself as a tree trimmer/photographer.  I can’t speak for the trees he’s trimmed, but his photography and photo-editing skills are outstanding. Enjoy!

And, if you still want more, the San Juan Islander has a full cast list and three pages of photos.


  1. How cool. That is Charley with the scarf around his neck and in the short part at the end of the first video isn’t it? I’m sure it is cuz of the picture. The second video is great. More of him in that one. How wonderful. Boy he got really involved quickly over there. How wonderful. Must be a great play 🙂

    1. Thom — Charley only has a bit part, so it is pretty cool that so much many of his scenes made it into these clips. He also sings a solo, but there’s no video of that and my photos of it are horrid.

  2. Wow! Who knew Amoebas can dance?! 🙂

    It looks wonderful, and from what I’ve seen, they’re doing a great job with it. Bravo, OC!

    1. Lisa — well, Amoeba isn’t the smoothest dancer on the stage, but he does sing well and I think he’s the cutest guy on stage — of course I could be prejudice.

  3. This is too too fantastic, Quilly! I’ve always loved My Fair Lady. Your photos are fabulous! How exciting to see Amoeba.

  4. .
    Quilly, I’d love to have attended! First, to see Amoeba do his thing. Second, ‘My Fair Lady’ is one of my favorite plays. It equals but not betters ‘Taming of the Shrew’ from which it was copied.

    Maybe I just like the underdogs or more correctly, the underwenches. 🙂

    You have some good ‘found’ pictures, the YouTube was fine too!

    1. Jim — Shaw claims Shakespeare inspired Pygmalion, but he cited, “Anthony & Cleopatra”. As to “found” pictures — the first video was put together by the director. All the photographs are my own, as in I took them, and the last video was produced by Ken Serratt, the fellow playing Doolittle.

      1. .
        Thank you, Quilly. You took good pictures. I had missunderstood about yours not coming out very good. I sorry, 😉

        Pygmalion is easier to read but I still like ‘Taming of the Shrew’ the best.

        1. .
          And I see below that these are the ones that came out the best of a very lot that you took. Now with help I understand where I went wrong. I seldom figure that out by myself.

          1. .
            Thank you too for pointing out Amoeba. Before you told I was thinking that fellow had his hands bandaged. Why I didn’t know because I couldn’t remember anyone who should have been in bandages.

            He’s a handsome guy. 🙂

  5. How exciting for you, Quilly.
    What a wonderful musical!
    How great that you have so many talented friends.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Quilly!
    You look BEAUTIFUL, then and NOW!
    You are such a wonderful friend and MOTHER!
    May this Mother’s Day be one of the best with more to come in years!

    1. Shakira — while Amoeba is my very best friend in all the world, he is also my significant other. He is much more amazingly talented then his acting reveals. The strongest voice you hear singing when the last video starts is Amoeba’s.

  6. How wonderful ! the trouble is I don’t know where he is. Thom said with a scarf, but there a several with a scarf, is he the man with the beard and a pink shirt ?
    I love this musical ! I have seen it with Audrey Hepburn in the movie and then once here in a theatre. It’s just great ” the raaaain in Spaaaain ….” lol !

    1. Gattina — On my monitor, no one is wearing a pink shirt. Amoeba’s shirt is, however, a beige color that leans toward pinkish-tan, so he is likely who you’ve identified him to be. To help you be certain, Amoeba has a full beard. He is also wearing a hat, scarf, suspenders, and blue fingerless gloves. In the first photo he is on the far right. In the third photo he is on the far left.

  7. Thank you, Quilly,

    “The Lord gave man an arm of iron-but
    With a little bit of luck, With a little bit of luck,
    Someone else’ll do the blinkin’ work!”

    As the play is ongoing, your legion of loyal fans expect you to post even more photos.

    1. Karen — I love the way Amoeba looks at his own arm when Doolittle first sings that. And, to get more photos you will have to buy me tickets. I got my free viewing at the dress rehearsal. Now I need to buy a ticket.

      1. I have an idea. Ken Serratt may be able to get his hands on a video of the entire production. Then you can sell MY FAIR MISTER videos right off this very blog post. Put me down for one.

        p.s. Hi Amoeba. Did you know the most famous musical adaptation of the Taming of Shrew is Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate? Maybe you can be in that musical next.

        1. Karen – I understand that a video will be available. I do not yet know under what terms / restrictions it may be distributed. Yes, I did know about the source of Kiss Me, Kate. However, I have no plans to participate onstage in that musical or any other. “Never”, said Treebeard the Ent, “is too long a word even for me.” But I would have to be convinced that to do so would not seriously conflict with my vocation, to say nothing of other avocations or home life. Such conflicts have occurred on this occasion, and they may not be repeated.

          1. My Love, you’ve not caused a disruption in our home-life that was more then momentarily fretful — well, except for taking the garage door remote to rehearsal. Heaven only knows why you thought ‘arry needed it.

  8. BRAAAAAAAAVO! BRAAAAAAAVO!!! Oh I LOVE it! And that is one of my absolutely FAVORITE shows too! It looks like this group did a fabulous job with it — and Charley is SMASHING! Simply smashing! 🙂

    1. Melli — all the theater goers keep saying this is the best production that the San Juan Community Theater has ever done.

  9. the videos and your photos look great. i’m sure witnessing the play was even more fabulous. thank you for sharing (although i’m sure you have more photos you could easily share without being ashamed)

    1. Polona — I really don’t have any other photos I can share. I will be going back to the theater at least one more time though.

  10. One of my All Time Favorite Movies, and only 1 of 2 Musicals I love to watch. Thanks for Sharing. Hollywood will be calling for The Amoeba.

    1. Bill — if Hollywood calls they’d best be prepared for disappointment. Amoeba knows he’s a better scientist than he is an actor. Now, if the music industry were to call ….

    1. Karen — he says he isn’t, but that big smile on his face makes me think otherwise. (It is the workload — teaching all day and play all night. He’s exhausted.)

    1. Barbara — Amoeba was hijacked into the play. He was asked to try out for the chorus and then given two other parts — the flower seller at the beginning, and “arry, Doolittle’s drinking partner.

    1. Ji — it is incredibly rude to come to people’s blogs and talk about yourself and not even acknowledge their post.

  11. Quilly, they look very cleaned-up for Cockney gents, but wonderful!

    Today in church they honored all the women in our church who are mothers and spiritual mothers. I thought about you — all the kids you’ve mentored and cared about, you’ve been a spiritual mother too.

    So happy mother’s day, my friend. You may never know until you get to heaven just whose life you changed…

    1. Kelley — the director’s lament. She said to me, “They won’t stop tidying themselves back up!”

      And thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. I was once asked by someone how I could work with youth when I never saw improvement or outcome. I responded that on occasion I am permitted glimpses of improvement, and as for eternal outcomes, it is my job to sow and water. The harvest belongs to Jesus. I just trust that as I sow the truth, God is preparing for the harvest.

  12. What awesome fun! There is not end to the talent you two have. Great photos, great theatre. Brava! Bravo!

  13. I came back to see the video because Art was sleeping in the same room when I looked at your gorgeous photos of the play. The video was fantastic! The performers are excellent. I wish we could be there to see this.

  14. What great pics!
    Looks like it would have been such a fun show to watch, and perform in!
    So glad you shared these.

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