Help! I’m Melting!

I am certain that my insistance on going to work is prolonging my cold. I believe my brain is melting and draining out my nose. I hab a heg ob a timeb talging and hab sahd somb ob da cradiest thigds to my studnds. My nose is raw and my current perfume is eau de Vicks.

On top of that the air conditioning went down in our building wing today. The teacher in the classroom next door to me came into my room and stuck his head in my mini refrigerator to cool off. While in there he snatched a bottle of cold water.

The kids melted into puddles on their chairs and used their workbooks as fans. It is probably the most productive work they’ve put them to yet …. For once they were eager to go to music because, as one young man said, “Even if she makes me dance with a girl, at least we’ll be in an air conditioned room.”

I don’t know if the air will be on tomorrow or not. Think cool thoughts for us.