Stained Glass, St. Andrew’s Cathedral

There’s no way I could get all of the windows.  The sanctuary is circular and stained glass windows surround it.

Here is one of the little windows.  There are every few feet around the sanctuary:

side window

Here is a section of the huge glass entry:

stained glass 2

I picked the above screen because this is Christmas. The scene below I chose because it is the center of the window.

stained glass 1

I hope you enjoyed your visit to St. Andrews.

The Church Yard

More pictures from my day at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Honolulu.

This olive tree meets you right out front in the courtyard. Since the olive branch is a symbol of peace, this sentinel seems fitting for the sanctuary courtyard.

Olive Tree

The church grounds are beautifully tended. There are many quiet places for contemplation and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

side yard

Stay tuned for more …..