Flashback in the Mail

This post is brought to you courtesy of my mailbox. Since I did not leave the house yesterday, I checked the mail today. There were three envelopes inside. One was the power bill. It was the only thing I received which I didn’t like.

From my sister, Jackie, came an ancient photograph (see left). She mailed it inside a gorgeous card (see above) made by my sister, Caryl. The photograph was taken in 1975. I was fourteen years old and I lived in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho that year with my father and step-mother. We used to go Square Dancing every Wednesday and Friday night. We are dressed for that event.

My step-mother is on the left. My Gram is in the middle, wearing a dress I made. I am on the right, also in a dress I made. I am the tall one in the picture. That’s a rarity since I’m only 5’4″.

The third thing my mailbox yielded was the information that my poem, Substance, has made it into the elimination round in a poetry contest. I entered the contest knowing it is a money making gimmick, but I’ve made it into the “you don’t have to pay us to publish you” category, and am on my way to the, “we’ll pay you,” list. I am a bit curious though why the judges thought, Substance, a better poem than, Battered Rose.

Oh well, as a poet I’ll never make famous, but who needs fame when I have all of you?