Water, Water Everywhere ….

We live on an island.  We’re surrounded by water, but there is none at our house.  The do-it-yourselfers have thrown in the towel.  Professional plumbers have been summoned.  No word yet on their expected arrival or when our house might again be plumbed.

For now, we have a hose stretching from the neighbor’s place to ours.  I just drug the dang thing through the back door and into my bathroom.  I attached the spray nozzle to the hose and had a lovely cold shower and shampoo, but at least I am clean.  And, since it’s a bright sunny day, it is not like I am going to freeze to death.

Now, I am going out to pull the hose around the house and use it to fill the washing machine.  We need some laundry done.   When I’m finished, I’ll probably need another shower.  Happy.  Happy.  Joy.  Joy.

UPDATE: 4:00 p.m. — a plumber came and attempted to repair the pipe. No go. It is too rotten and the entire house needs new plumbing. These are 60 year old steel pipes and they are crumbling.