Happy New Year


Dear Friends,

Another year has come and gone. I began 2009 by burning biscuits.  2009’s first Punny Monday was the hardest one I have ever done.  Capsun is still congratulating himself for winning.   And mid-January I enrolled in a photography class.

Come February, I started Three Word Thursday.  In March I shared one of my very special talents, Amoeba bought me a brand new computer and I created my 1000th post.  On April 5th, I proved that Thom is a vampire.  A few days later I broke my camera lens.  And a few days after that I hit the half-century mark, and Amoeba and I discussed new wardrobe options.  Of course, the most remarkable thing about April was National Poetry Month and the fact that I murdered a guest at our dinner table.

In May my new camera lenses arrived and some of the first photos taken were of Thom.  I also told you The Truth About Gilligan’s Island, shared an elevator sex-ed class, my washing machine got agitated, and I wrote my most popular short story to date.  In June my blog had its third birthday.  I also got horribly sick, Amoeba went off the Friday Harbor and Thom was our good Samaritan.  We flew off to Friday Harbor and I captured an Eagle. July brought fireworks, a soggy camping trip, and not whale watching.  July also brought paid blogging.

August brought Quillian — and then the video camera died and ended her career before it began.  September found me working on the Great American Novel – -which died a painfully boring death.  October left us high and dry for 5 days, two of which we spent in a hotel.  We spent one day being Waikiki tourists.

November brought the turkey hat and a square pie.  December brought 12 fun filled Days of Christmas and lots of good natured squabbling with Thom; a trip to St. Andrew’s Cathedral; and photos of our new home.

And the year ends with me both happy and sad at the same time.  I am glad to be returning home to the part of the country that holds the greatest portion of my heart, but I will be leaving some of my heart here, on this beautiful island.  I have given a little piece of it to OJM and our other friends in Waianae, and I have given a piece of it to Thom.  We don’t see each other often, but it is nice to know that he is just down the street.  I will miss him.