Happy New Year


Dear Friends,

Another year has come and gone. I began 2009 by burning biscuits.  2009’s first Punny Monday was the hardest one I have ever done.  Capsun is still congratulating himself for winning.   And mid-January I enrolled in a photography class.

Come February, I started Three Word Thursday.  In March I shared one of my very special talents, Amoeba bought me a brand new computer and I created my 1000th post.  On April 5th, I proved that Thom is a vampire.  A few days later I broke my camera lens.  And a few days after that I hit the half-century mark, and Amoeba and I discussed new wardrobe options.  Of course, the most remarkable thing about April was National Poetry Month and the fact that I murdered a guest at our dinner table.

In May my new camera lenses arrived and some of the first photos taken were of Thom.  I also told you The Truth About Gilligan’s Island, shared an elevator sex-ed class, my washing machine got agitated, and I wrote my most popular short story to date.  In June my blog had its third birthday.  I also got horribly sick, Amoeba went off the Friday Harbor and Thom was our good Samaritan.  We flew off to Friday Harbor and I captured an Eagle. July brought fireworks, a soggy camping trip, and not whale watching.  July also brought paid blogging.

August brought Quillian — and then the video camera died and ended her career before it began.  September found me working on the Great American Novel – -which died a painfully boring death.  October left us high and dry for 5 days, two of which we spent in a hotel.  We spent one day being Waikiki tourists.

November brought the turkey hat and a square pie.  December brought 12 fun filled Days of Christmas and lots of good natured squabbling with Thom; a trip to St. Andrew’s Cathedral; and photos of our new home.

And the year ends with me both happy and sad at the same time.  I am glad to be returning home to the part of the country that holds the greatest portion of my heart, but I will be leaving some of my heart here, on this beautiful island.  I have given a little piece of it to OJM and our other friends in Waianae, and I have given a piece of it to Thom.  We don’t see each other often, but it is nice to know that he is just down the street.  I will miss him.

And The Rocket’s Red Glare …

… started at 11:00 a.m. I keep thinking the holiday is the 4th of July. That’s totally understandable given the smoke and sulfur hanging over the valley.

The other night one of Amoeba’s colleagues hosted a farewell party for us. At the party the talk turned to New Years Eve fireworks. The tradition of exploding firecrackers at midnight came from the Chinese. They did so to ward off evil spirits and keep them from following into the New Year.

About a half hour ago (12 hours into the exploding ordnance) I said to Amoeba, “I should think by now that any evil spirits residing in our neighborhood would be long gone.”

Amoeba replied. “No. It’s the other way ’round.”

I contemplated what had been said at the party and tried to reconcile it with Amoeba’s answer. I couldn’t, so being the intellectual that I am, I said, “Huh?”

Amoeba explained, “It’s obviously to chase off good spirits. Mine fled quite some time ago.”