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#237 — Too Cool

Llama 2009.

This is Joey. He is a shepherd and cares for the sheep on my Aunt’s & Uncle’s farm. I know he looks like a sweetheart, but many fox and other wild beasties have discovered that he is quite ferocious when protecting his sheep.

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2 Responses to “#237 — Too Cool”

  1. Mar says:

    Is it a llama? what is she doing so far away from home?? Love those long eyelashes!!

  2. Quilly says:

    Mar — he is a llama. His name is Buddy. There was an animal petting zoo not far from my Aunt’s & Uncle’s farm. The animals were starving, the zoo was filthy and the farmers in the neighborhood complained. The farm was shut down, and people were needed to take the animals. My Aunt & Uncle adopted Buddy. They put them in the paddock with their sheep and now he serves as their shepherd. After a few times of following the people as they did it, Buddy now leads the sheep to open pasture during the day, and returns them to the corral at night, serving as both lead sheep and sheep dog!