Allergy Season

Allergy Season 1998: Kleenex brand tissue was my friend. I blew my nose a lot.

One day after I blew one of my students raised his hand. I nodded my head at him, a signal that he could speak.

He stood and said — apologetically — “Miss, could you please not blow your nose anymore? It’s disgusting!”

I gave him a half-smile, shrugged my shoulders and agreed — also apologetically. “You’re right, Jesus. It is.”

He beamed. So did all of his classmates.

“Tell you what,” I said. “I won’t blow my nose anymore. We’ll just let the snot run all over my face.”

Several seconds of unprecedented silence followed. Jesus slowly sank into his seat. “Never mind,” he mumbled.

Today: Allergy Season 2006: the scene replays pretty much word-for-word — and the kid’s name?

You guessed it.


{I wonder if they’re related?}