15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a lovely picture. Can I toss a penny and make a wish? Have a wonderful day and thank you for the message from Bill. My problem is this system is outmoded. Need to upgrade….Like nike says “just do it”

  2. oh that is just wonderful..is that you? who is that precious little doll? oh how nice!

    happy moments alright.

    ps. that was so not your pic i posted..that was mine..don’t force me to send you the proof lol..

  3. Skye and I were petting the coy. They reminded me of puppies…they’d come right up to the surface wanting to be petted. It was really sweet, and we spent a lot of time “petting the fishies” at Grammy’s house.

  4. Thanks, CB, for the warm fuzzy. I
    loved having my daughter and her daughter enjoying the koi – and opening your blog and seeing them brought back the warm feeling! Love you and miss you.

  5. For the curious — this is my sister, Jackie’s, front yard. It is located on a mountain top in Western Washington. The tiny girl-child beside the pond is Jackie’s granddaughter, Skye. Skye is accompanied by her momma, Jackie’s eldest daughter (my niece), Cindra Jo.

    You may get to know Cindra and Skye better — and the rest of their family as well, at Cindra Jo & Co.

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