Shameless Self-Promotion

There is another caption contest up at Belle of the Brawl and once again I am in the line up. I NEED each and every one of you to run over there and vote for me. This, however, will not be like last time. Sar has fixed the counter so that no one can vote more than once (per computer). If you have several computers knock youself out — VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME!

Ok — please, read the captions first, THEN vote for me. And leave Sar a note telling her you stopped by to vote for Quilly. To see how the last caption contest I was in came out, click here.

Shameless Sister Promotion

Not only have my nieces Booke (Brooke’s Musings) and Cindra (Cindra Jo & Co.) joined the blogoshpere, my sister Jackie has, too. Click here and visit Jackie’s Garden. Tell her baby-sister, QuillDancer, sent you.

The Family Who Blogs Together ….

The family who blogs together steals one another’s limelight. Be that as it may, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of my relatives:

My nieces, Cindra Jo and Brooke, have joined the Blogspot community. They are the daughters of my sister, (Jackie, who comments here occasionally and calls me CB). Both of these “kids” (grown women, but don’t tell them I admitted it) are wonderful people. Stop by their blogs and tell them Auntie QuillDancer sent you.

Cindra can be found here: Cindra Jo and Co. I don’t know how long Cindra has been reading my blogs, but she posted her first comment to me on, The Grownups Wanted Us Dead, yesterday. Of course it was sass and she added a couple of details about my character that you all didn’t need to know.

Brooke can be found here: Brooke’s Musings Brooke has been reading my blog since its inception. You’ll find her comments sprinkled here and there. Brooke never sasses. She just says, “Yes, Mom,” or, “Yes, Auntie,” then proceeds to make her own decisions. There is someone else in our family she most reminds me of, but I can’t for the life of me think who that is ….

This little plaque was a gift from Brooke.