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The Dog Ate My Homework

One of the sweet darlings in my class approached me just before the bell this morning and said, “We have a new puppy at my house. Last night it chewed up my homework.”

I replied, “Sweety, that excuse was old when I was a kid. It doen’t work.”

She dove head first into her book bag and rummaged around. From the depths I heard, “My dad told me you would say that.” Out she came, hair slightly mussed, with a Ziploc baggy in her hand. Inside the baggy was her homework; mangled, twisted, perforated and soggy.

What do you know. The dog ate her homework.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Please tell her to feed the dog well, don’t keep him hungry.

    There was this guy who used to stink always. Friend kept telling him to change his sox. but he wouldn’t listen. They were invited for a party. Friend warned this guy, if you come wearing the same old stinky sox I am not going with you. As promised the guy showed up. Stinking again. Friend was furious. You never changed your sox did you ?
    Aha ! you are wrong, the guy said look here new sox !! I knew you would accuse me, he took out the stinky sox from his pocket, here they are the old sox.

  2. Well I guess the excuse came from somewhere, but I am with you CB, it is old and I wouldnt have believed it. Smart dad to have her bring proof. Teaching is a job full of such variety ……the kids never seem to be boring! xoox C

  3. ahhh, thank goodness for ziplock bags! poor little girl…

    children are just the cutest and funniest. their emotions are raw and honest. i love what they come up with and how and why…you get to work with them and that’s another reason you are fill with joy and teach them and they teach you/me/ days teaching them spanish were filled with mini adventures. i was always slighty overwhelmed with work and stuff but the kids where the fun was dealing with the politics of the staff/parents that sucked. you just let me know that second you choose to teach home school over the internet. i got a few grades here for you….:)

    have a good wknd. rest up lots just in case you are still a bit under the weather.

  4. as usual, for me, as soon as i hit the post button i feel i should have maybe used better words…i didn’t mean poor little girl because of you but because of when it happened she must have thought Oh no, now what sort of thing…i know my freak when they think they will dissapoint their teachers…

    i think you are the loveliest and not anything but. those kids are so darn lucky to have you with them.

  5. You must give the “Little One” the Benefit of the Doubt. Maybe her Dad has Sharp Teeth.

    Off to volunteer again today where my Sister works. Then it is homeward bound tomorrow. In 24 hours I should be 30000 something feet over Michigan or some part of Canada.

    I was more than glad to introduce myself to your Sister and Nieces and welcome them to the blogging world. I am going to see if my Sister wants to join blogger.

    God Bless Quill,


  6. That’s really funny. When I was a kid I considered putting my homework in my rabbit’s cage because I knew it was no good, but I figured that even with proof, the teacher would wonder how the rabbit got to it.

  7. hmmm, maybe you should be glad that she didn’t tell you that her cat peed on her homework. Libby has used that excuse before but thankfully she didn’t try to provide her teacher with the “evidence”

  8. This is a time capsule statement!
    I am so happy she brought the evidence to share with you. Puppies will be puppies for somethings never change. Thanks for sharing this memory teaser.

  9. That kid had one smart father. You do hear the same thing over and over and you cease to believe it. When my son broke his arm in gymn class the instructor refused to believe it and wouldn’t let him go to the office until the class ended. Then the office called for me to come and get him. I took him to the emegency room and it was broken.

  10. Our dog ate my daughters nametag when she was in kindergarten so I had to send a note saying what happened and the teacher read it aloud to the class. I guess the kids thought it was pretty funny.

  11. haha, I was thinking to myself….I bet it is true… one would use that lame excuse unless it was really true. When Ana first started school, Nick was a baby. She had alot of her papers eaten by her brother…….I always had to tell her, now make sure you put your homework up right away, you know how Nick loves to eat paper…….

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