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I ordered my niece, Brooke, to tag me, and being an obedient child, she did.

7 of My Fav Songs, and why I like them:

The Old Rugged Cross
I love this song not just for the memories of standing next to Gram in church and singing, but because when I was six or so years old my teenaged brother and I would sit together near the heat vent from Gram’s wood furnace and Harold would sing this song. I remember leaning against his chest and listening to his voice rumble and knowing that God was good and the world was safe. [This version sung by Andy Griffith]

Julie, Do You Love Me?, Bobby Sherman
I was 11 and he was, sigh, wonderful. (I was afraid if I didn’t include it Cindra Jo would tell you all anyway.)

Monster Mash, Bobby “Boris” Pickett
It appeals to my silly. I teach this to my students every year.

Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues
First serous love — need I say more?

Heartache Tonight, The Eagles
Life was good, out dancing every night, more dates than I knew what to do with — I was going to live forever.

Could I Have This Dance, Anne Murray
One of the good memories from my marriage. Michael proposed to me while this song was playing. After that everytime it came on, no matter where we were, we danced to it; even if it meant pulling over and dancing by the side of the road. Some memories stay precious.

Here I Am, Lord, Dan Shutte
This song and an incredible speaker, with a bit of help from God, pretty much changed my life. [See: Sidewalk Sunday School]

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  1. Alright, little sister!! Finally…someone has listed songs on here that I actually know!! LOL

    A couple of years ago, Harold, Caryl and I took a trip to Oregon. Harold sat in the back seat playing his guitar and we were all singing. And he never said a single word about the fact that neither Caryl nor I can carry a tune in a bucket….how cool a brother is he!?!?!? xoxoxoxo

  2. i love your song choices…we do good in a road trip together..

    thank you for your thoughtful and caring comment. i know Sandy is in the best hands, that in itself gives me comfort.

    hope you are well. love you. hugs.

    doing dr.John’s marathon, trying to finish it before midnight.

  3. okay, the uncle harold thing killed me…made tears in my eyes. the bobby sherman killed me, because, he’s so cute i never realized he can’t really sing! and all the rest killed me because i melt knowing more of your history…and that we were in so many of the same places without even knowing.

  4. What?!? Where’s “Ice Ice Baby”? A top 7 can not be complete without the rap-stylings of a rich white kid posing as a gangsta…

    Gotta go listen to some DJ Dr. John and the Fresh Prince now…

  5. Oh sure, not only do you list your se7en favorite songs you use YouTube to play them. heh Heh. Smart idea. I’ll get my list for you but it will be Sunday, I am just too zonked now. Been a brain-drain kind of day. The List will be soon, promise

  6. Uncle Harold sings well? And he sings hymns? Why did I never know this? The thought of you snuggling with him and him singing for you made me smile… What a great memory!

  7. LOL! Brooke, I can see why the fact that Harold sings hyms might surprise you a bit, but think about the quality of his deep rumbly voice — he sings very well.

  8. You know what surprises me most about these comments? No one — no one — commented on the fact that I labeled Brookie obedient. Jackie….?

  9. LOL… I was waiting for mama to say something first about you labeling me obedient… but she didn’t. That is odd. And yes, my hippie uncle (I’ve just always called him that) does have a deep rumbling voice and I bet he does sing beautifully. Oh, and the fact he sings hymns doesn’t surprise me so much when I think about it. He is Gram’s grandson. šŸ™‚

  10. My Se7en out of many favorites are listed on the blog, go have a look see.

    Your list is good as well, I like Anne Murray but I really don’t have any favorite song of her’s I like, unless you want to include Snowbird.

    PS, my Sister was a big David Cassidy fan.

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