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In the Mail

Cindra said, “the apron is in the mail,” and of course I believed her. She is my beloved niece. Except for biting me when she was two years old she has always been quite wonderful. So, when the apron never arrived at my home, I began to suspect one of my neighbors stole it. I began to look at them differently. Was it her? Was it him?

Then Cindra sends me this*:
My neighbors have been cleared. Apparently duct tape and Sharpie conspired to steal my package. Shame on them.

*Picture edited to remove return address.

Sorry this post was late! I was without my HSI for 95 minutes tonight. A Cox Cable minion worked with me in a bored and barely civil manner. Despite the fact that I still could not access the internet he assured me all my Cox equipment was working and I needed to buy a new computer. Since this is a brand new IBM Pentium 4, and since my Cox HSI was the only non-functioning program, I chose not to embrace his diagnosis. Instead I tried the one thing he did NOT suggest I do. I unhooked and reconnected the cables and – ta da! — connectivity.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. The last couple of times I had to call them, they have been prety nice. However, they insisted that my modem was too old and I needed a new one. They could not believe that it was still working. (I had to call twice because I lost my cell signal). I still could not connect they said that they could see that I should be working right, I must have a “software” problem and they can not help with that. I raced into work the next day and emailed our wonderful computer guy (even though he is a Bronco fan) and he advised me to do exactly what you did unplug and plug back in. DUH!! Don’t you feel totally lost with out HSI?? Enjoy the 3 day weekend, oh wait how much do we have due this next week:)

  2. Hey, our wonderful tech guy is pretty wonderful. And I have enough stuff due Monday that you can be pretty sure I’m not having a three day weekend!

  3. Wifey and I recently recieved our blog cups from Dr. John. The parcel had a big piece of sticky tape on it saying it had been opened by Customs and Excise. I bet they were very envious.

  4. The postal service is still edgy, I suppose, adter 9-11. It’s ad how far and how long the effects reverberate.
    Sounds like the COx techie needs to find a new job….don’t they send you customer service questionnaires????
    Enjoy your weekend anyway, balance out the work!

  5. you are hillarious..nothing like a midnight autumn

    glad you got the apron..treasure for sure..darn duct tape, i bet Red Green was behind it! sorry.

    computer experts are well, hmm, NOT..thank goodness you have a mighty smart brain and figure this out. (they are like car salesman and car repair shops-grr, either crooks or ignorant..-at least the majority and i know that because Joe is in the business)

  6. That’s my biggest pet peeve. The software guy says its the cable, the cable guy says its the computer. When all else fails, I do the same… unplug everything and then replug.

  7. Typical response from Help Desk Personel that does more harm than good. The man should be reprimanded and or fired. I would notify the company, having a employee with this attitude not only harms the customer but the business.

  8. Oh god! We have so been there with the bad and oh so complicated advice those guys give! We stick to the KISS principle… Keep It Simple Stupid…

  9. Sometimes all it takes is a power cycle of the internet modem and a reboot of the computer. Glad you are back online.

    Cox Cable Boy wouldn’t last too long with that attitude where I work without a supervisor talking to him. With our company our customers are the most important thing.

    Doesn’t Cox’s website have a customer feedback link somewhere ???. I’d be emailing about “Cable Boy’s” bad attitude. Sometimes all it takes is putting fear into them.

  10. My papa was in the military and they had a flow chart to fix everything. This became second nature to him so whenever we had a problem the trouble shooting always started the same way.
    “Dad, my radio (hair dryer,etc.) won’t work.”
    He wouldn’t even look up,
    “Is it turned on? Is it plugged in?”
    To this day i am continually amazed by how many problems those two little checks can solve.
    Congrats on the ‘puter fix, quilly!

  11. Quilly-Sister, sounds like you’re having fun – glad computer works. Also glad you got your prize…I just don’t know what you’d do without it! LOL love ya xoxoxoxo

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