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Still Thankful

Last fall I was in desperate need of a new wardrobe, so I took a summer job at an upscale women’s clothing store, and traded my paychecks for clothes. Despite teaching full-time and my extra-curricular job as the school’s writing coordinator, I kept the part-time job through Christmas.

Even with my 40% discount, the clothes I bought were spendy. I wanted quality wear that would last awhile. Well, the other day I put my favorite skirt on and the elastic was shot. The thing spun about my waist and drooped very unattractively. I spent most of the day holding it on with one hand and simmering about how little wear I’d gotten from it.

Just this past August, I’d started going to the gym. I went every single morning until school started and then things got hit and miss, mostly miss. They said I needed to go three times per week for successful weight loss, but between my church commitments and two jobs, I was lucky to make one night a week. I deliberately skipped weigh-in nights because I didn’t want to be handed a slip highlighting my failure.

Even though I wasn’t going to the gym, I did stop eating at fast food places and take care with what foods I brought into my home. I’ve replaced my beloved Pepsi with water. When my students aren’t looking I either giveaway or throw away the candy they bring me.

November 13th I made a promise to myself that no matter what I had to give up, I would make it to the gym three nights per week, and that when the December 1st weigh in came around I wouldn’t miss it. That’s partially why you’ve seen so little of me lately on your blogs.

November 21st I walked into the gym and it was empty. I should have walked out. What was I thinking staying there alone with all those employees who had nothing better to do then look at my stats and discover that I hadn’t been weighed or measured in 113 days?

The next thing I knew I was hustled onto the scales, wrapped up in tape measures and squeezing body fat indicators. And sure enough when all was finished they handed me a computer print out.

My stats:
total pounds lost: 8.5
total inches lost: 6.5

I guess it wasn’t the elastic in my skirt after all … Now, if I can do that without half trying, what might happen if I put some effort into it?

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. 🙂

    It’s the inner you that matters – but if the inner you’s happy enough to want to take care of the rest, so much the better. And yes, the soda (warning, I prefer Coke), the fast foods, and especially the between-meals nibbling are deadly for weight-control (which I prefer to “weight loss” as a term) programs. Crede expertum.

  2. Silver — packs on weight while emptying wallet.

    Brian — I think I’m already doing okay on the happy part. Now I am aiming for healthy.

    OC — between meals? Have you ever worked three jobs at a time? Between meals I’m rather busy. It’s evening when I have to be careful. I lean toward sunflower seeds in the shell (low sodium). They take more calories to consume then they provide, and if I am busy typing or reading, very few go a long way.

    diet Pepsi, or regular Coca

  3. Congratulations on your successful loss. My doctor keeps telling me to lose the belly I got.

    A bit of advice, eat the chowder in moderation, it is addictive.

    A Blessed Weekend to you.

  4. Charlie — the inner me is wanting the outer me to be a bit healthier.

    Bill — I am probably off chowder based foods for awhile. I am saving the recipe for the next church potluck, where I can taste, but not have so much for myself.

    Jan — up, down, one, two, three, four ….

  5. oh i’m so happy for you..i am still coming up with excuses i mean reasons why i haven’t gone back to curves…the worst i look in the mirror the least i want to go..yuck..the no fast food and no pop does work, i remember trying it too and it helping..i’m very proud of could you please give me a good kick in the rear. no honey, it has to be more harder than that, lol..

  6. Doug — so what you’re saying is: Thanksgiving left us with more of you to be thankful for?

    Chana — Curves, yes, that’s where I go. Come on, we’ll go together.

  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAY YOU! ^5’s! Whoooo hooo!
    ~~ happy dancin’~~ *~~* ~~ happy dancin’~~ WOW! That is GREAT for not hardly trying! YOU ROCK!!!

  8. That’s great, Quilldancer! After seeing myself in the group photos from Thanksgiving I realize that I need to make some changes too. It’s great that you’ve been able to cut out the fast food & soda. I know how hard that can be… especially when you are always on the go. Great job!

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