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Jake’s Mistake

Jake just couldn’t keep it together. He got in a fight in reading class (name calling, eraser throwing) and received a citation. He repeated the performance during writng period and received yet another citation – and lunch detention from me.

At lunch time Jake informed me that he had also gotten in trouble in P.E. and he’d been given detention there. He said if he didn’t show up, Mr. T. would make him serve an extra day. I told him to go serve his detention with Mr. T.

Mr. T. and I both have lunch at the same time. Imagine our surprise as we looked across the table at each other in the teacher’s lounge, each of us wondering aloud where Jake was.

Jake was, of course, at recess, having told me he was with Mr. T., and having told Mr. T., he was with me.

After lunch I confronted Jake with his deception, and an aditional two days detention. Was he contrite? No. He was disgusted. “How was I supposed to know you guys talk to each other?”

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. My, my, aren’t we up early! :))
    2 hour delay here for snow- woo-hoo!!
    I had a whole classroom full of Jakes… it took the entire staff to keep track of who said what and was where with whom.
    LOL, we had staff meetings throughout the day just to be on the same page.
    Kids…. what are ya gonna do? Send them all to boot camp?

  2. Rachelle — this isn’t early. I’ve been getting up before the sun. Today it and I greeted the morning about the same time.

    Boot camp — I know where I’d like to camp my boot ….

  3. I have a fear my son could grow into Jake….he always seems ot be thinking of ways to get what he wants.

    I hope his father and I along with his teachers can hang in there long enough to keep him on the straight and narrow.

  4. oh Jake is very naughty. very naughty indeed. he has teachers, like you, that honestly care even though he is driving you guys bonkers, and that is what is what is going to make that difference in that boys life.

    thank you for not giving up on him and all the other kids who really need you the most.

    hugs hon..XO

  5. Miss Quill?

    I would have been here earlier, but the dawg ate my comment. And then the computers crashed and there was a rain of toads.

    I’ll have my comment turned in tomorrow….I promise. 🙂

  6. Lori — love, patience, unconditional positive reguard and clearly defined consequences (good and bad)with consistent discipline.

    Chana — Jake is a bright-eyed, blonde-haired, freckled imp.

    Brian — no problem. You can make up the comment at recess while everyone else is out playing.

  7. You’re a meanie Miss Quill. 🙁

    I don’t like recess anyhow, all the other kids tease me.

    I will always leave a nice comment.
    I will always leave a nice comment.
    I will always leave a nice comment.
    I will always leave a nice comment.
    I will always leave a nice comment.

  8. Brian — ah, I should have asked if any of you were related to Jake.

    LZ — he does have the right spots

    ABTF&ACOTW — like learning? Surely not!

  9. Sounds like Jake is related to my youngest son!

    Hang in there cause they do learn from their mistakes, next time he’ll be even more creative!

  10. Well, one canæt catch a break aorund teachers. There you are, assuming they have their noses in books, report cards and attendence sheet, and there theya re, enjoyign lunch toegther chatting away. *shakes head in disbelief!*

  11. LOL…
    Yup. I am up before the son, er, I mean sun every morning too.
    My SON hates it, but he needs to be at seminary at 6:30 am and that means up by 5 at the latest as we live 25 minutes away. He has perfected the 15 minute wake-up-and-get-ready-to-leave routine.
    So…. I’m right there with ya dearie… whether I want to or not!
    I LOVE Saturdays!!!!!

  12. Jan — blessings to you raising an imp.

    Bill — I imagine he learned from his mistake. He’ll be even craftier next time.

    Dr. John — the classic foil of all movie villians.

    Minka — muhahahahaha

    Rachelle — on Saturdays I am up and out running Sidewalk Sunday Sghool. On Sundays I attend church. Sleeping in is a luxury I rarely get to enjoy.

  13. Once upon a time, we used to use gold-star vocabulary words for such as Jake. Like, “incorrigible”. Your mileage may vary. I hope so.

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