Six Weird Things About Me (MeMe)

I was tagged by SilverNeurotic, so I guess I should do this. If you’ve been reading my blog long you know 6 is a pretty conservative number on my weird meter; but just the same, here are six weird things about me:

1. In my life, the word “attention” is sometimes an oxymoron.

2. A little cracked linoleum offers proof that my cat is smarter than I.

3. My first car was a motorcycle.

4. I cultivate unusual flowers.

5. I am my father’s daughter.

6. I also spend a lot of my time wondering. For instance, right now I am wondering why I agreed to play meme tag.

However, since I’ve gotten this far and you’re still here with me — TAG! you’re it!

18 thoughts on “Six Weird Things About Me (MeMe)

  1. oh hon, you are so not weird. i know weird, she looks back at me in the mirror i tell you and you don’t fit the bill…and yes, i will do the meme..i was here earlier but had to run before i could comment..hugs.

  2. Thank goodness I was wearing my tag repellent before reading this post! My favorite of these is the cat and the crack – they always make me look too!

  3. Chana — if compassiona dn love add up to weird, you are the weirdest person I know!

    Silver — now you know why the grownups wanted us dead!

    Al — takes one to know one, neener, neener, neener.

    Kat — all tags on my post may be easily refused without offending me.

  4. Ohhhhhh you know — I need some of YOUR flowers! I can’t get anything else to GROW around here! I must over fertilize or something… everything dies! I think I could handle YOUR plants!

    I’ve already done this meme … otherwise I would!

  5. Doug — I have been nurturing those particular flowers for 6 years now in my Sunday School class. Currently they are gentle and loving and kind. It is my prayer that life will allow them to remain so.

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