Start as You Plan to Continue

Start the new year the way you plan to continue. Many people start theirs with love and family and laughter. Still others start by drinking to excess. There are too many who start the new year in need and look toward the future with dispair. Because of them, I started my new year in prayer.

However you started this new year, my prayer for you is that all of your needs and some of your wants are met, and that you realize a few of your dreams.

Happy 2007.

8 thoughts on “Start as You Plan to Continue

  1. I started mine by eating half a pork roast and three pounds of potatoes au gratin.

    I plan to finish 2007 as Jabba the Hut. How’m I doin’ so far, Quilldancer?

  2. Jackie — thank you. I am looking forward to a very good year.

    Al — sounds like you’ve made a good start on those “wants”. And my chances for a Happy New Year look a bit brighter to me today than they did yesterday.

    Happiness cannot be based on things external.

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