Suddenly Popular

I glanced at my sitemeter and thought it must have freaked out. There is no way I had over 100 visits in two hours so early in the morning on New Year’s Day.

I clicked on the numbers to check my statistics. Whoa! Eleven people reading my blog all at the same time? No way. I pinched myself, then I checked my pulse. I wondered if I was dreaming. How the heck did I suddenly become so popular?

That’s when I got the email from Bobby. The light dawned. Here’s a wave to all you folks from The Bestest Blog of All-Time, and a special thanks to Alessia for reviewing my blog.

Happy New Year!

16 thoughts on “Suddenly Popular

  1. OC — so far 432 visitors today, an only two new commenters. It’s like drive-by blogging. I don’t even believe most of them stop to read. They just see my fancy header and gag (sound familiar?).

  2. Bill – thanks! The Bestest Blog thing is a rerun, but according to my hit counter a lot of folks have run through here today. Only about 3 strangers have posted though — and who knows how many will come back?

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