15 thoughts on “More Presents!

  1. Rob — usually that’s the way my mail goes, too.

    Sham — I am.

    DaBich — some of us are spoiled.

    Bazza — I am searching my soul for an apology, but I seem to be fresh out. All I’ve got is this rude little phrase: “You snooze. You loose.”

  2. Doug — who is Charlie? If I don’t know him, I doubt he knows my birthday. However, these presents did not come for my birthday. Dr. John sponsors contests on his blog. The presents from him were prizes. My sister, Jackie, is a crafter and she is currently snowbirding in a motor home. She can’t store her makings, so she mails them. My Aunt promised me my grandmother’s salt & pepper shakers weeks ago, I’ve only been asking for something — anything for about 19 years. Why did they all converge on this one day? That is one of the great mysteries of this world that we may never know.

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