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My Head Is Spinning

I don’t know what’s up. Literally. I have vertigo so badly I am holding on to the desk as I type. My shoulders are so tense I can barely turn my head. My stomach is spinning way too much for food.

My ears are not ringing. They are not sore. My throat does not hurt. Whatever this is, it’s coming from my back and my neck. I’m thinking the muscle tension is the result of two days spent freezing and shivering.

I am at work. I plan to stay at work. My students are in the middle of a three day highstakes test and I am not abandoning them to the questionable mercies of a sub. Not only that, the principal is my proctor, and the kids are nervous enough with her in the room.

Update: Okay, all — I am glad you love me, but I am fine. I just recently had a stress test on my heart and it is in excellent shape. I am not having a heart attack. The problem is in my neck and shoulder. The vertigo only bothers me when I move my head.

To my family: quit making my cell phone ring while I’m trying to teach!

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Check the web to make sure you are not having a heart attack because symptoms are differnt for women than men. One is the back/shoulder pain.
    I do not want to scare you but it would make me feel better if you would check it out!!!!

  2. Lori — I am not having a heart attack. I just went through a massive battery of tests. My heart is one part of me in excellent condition.

    Cindra — call LB? Thanks. Did I mention that I am already sick?

  3. Hi Quill

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling will, what is bothering you must be going around. I came home from work, I have a headache that is really severe and is affecting my right eye.

    I guess Misery loves Company

    Hope you’re feeling better

  4. Oh, QD, take care of yourself. Your little charges won’t prosper if you don’t so do take care.

  5. Polona — I suspect it is just tense muscles.

    Bill — sorry to hear you’re ill, too.

    Rob — doesn’t that sound lovely?

    Charlie — it is a matter of mind over matter. I know the floor isn’t really moving and the walls aren’t really spinning. Now, if I could just convince my stomach of that …. I may soon be in violation of my own number one rule.

  6. I’m sorry you’re feeling dizzy and glad you’re sure that’s all it is and not your heart. Am I the only member of the family not making your cell phone ring when you’re trying to teach? I love you.

  7. Well, Quilly-Sister, here’s a simple solution: turn the damned phone on vibrate. And I’ll quit calling when you quit sounding like you’re having a heart attack!

  8. Sounds like a virus. Or maybe simple tension. Comes from playing with amoebae. You gotta do what you gotta do … but take care of yourself as best you can, eh?

  9. Brooke — your mama …

    Jackie — how was I to know that you’d call? No one ever calls during my working hours.

    OC — you can take the blame for this if you want, but I am placing it on the school district. The tension of two teaching days without heat and over a week without access to our intranet data base where we are required to keep all of student records has just caught up with me. But come to think of it, the holiday may be to blame — I let down my guard.

    And you, Mr. A-couple-more-days-of-this-and-I’ll-be-making-sure-my-estate’s-in-order, take care of yourself.

  10. Princess has this same problem when she’s very stressed out. Its actually a sympton of an anxiety attack. As soon as the testing is over, it will probably pass too.

  11. Andrew — welcome!

    I do believe that is what brought this on, though there is some creedence for the stress thing since I tend to live my life in overdrive. At any rate, tonight I have an appointment with a generic muscle relaxer and a heating pad.

  12. i know how much headaches suck. I have a really bad bad headache right now and my back is also killing me. Heating pad doesn’t work for me. Meds don’t work very well for me. my upper back, neck and shoulders are one giant knot of tension. Any suggestions?

  13. Hi C-

    Sorry to hear you are sick. It is no fun being sick and when you have symptoms like yours, there is no place that actually feels comfortable no matter what your options.

    Take care of yourself and now that I am hearing sending warm wishes and a lovely bouquet of flowers to make things a little brighter.

    Get well soon!


  14. ROFL! Might I suggest your chiropractor? And as for the family… and the phone calls… try the VIBRATE mode… let it jump around on your desk while you teach!

  15. Melli — I turned the phone to silent – -then forgot to turn it back to normal and missed an important call. My phone’s vibrate feature is highly ignorable.

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