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I cleaned my carpet and rearranged my furniture. Work. Work. Work. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. It looks worse then it did before. Now that I’ve removed all the dirt from the carpet, the stains show up really well.

I live in a dump.

= + =

I just used the exact same hair dye I have always used. Same brand. Same box. Same number. My hair looks decidedly red. It had better not do so when it dries.

Update:  Hair is dry.  It is Revlon Light Blond #81, just like it’s supposed to be.  Phew! 

= + =

The cats are afraid of the livingroom. They are tippy-toeing across the carpet smelling every inch. The love seat is terrorizing Christmas. It isn’t where it’s supposed to be. She’s afraid it’s going to pounce on her.

= + =

Curves Report:  Well, I am not too happy with me.  I lost 6 pounds this month, but regained two.  It was probably the ice cream cone and the choclate Coke.  In future I can have one or the other, but not both.  The good news is, I lost an inch and a half around my waist, and that’s one place I hadn’t been slimming.   I am losing, but it’s slow going.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Well, it sounds like accomplishment’s mid-state.

    All will be well and all will be well and every manner of thing shall be well -Polly JuliAnna of Norwich

  2. Doug — I ordered a salad at at El Polo Loco tonight and they provided me a with spoon. “Sorry ma’am, we’re out of forks.” What kind of restaurant runs out of forks?! I am allergic to Mulberry pollen and my eyes are red, puffy and swollen. All will be well when I no longer live in this state — both literally and figuratively.

  3. Quilly

    Re: the House cleaning – Do you hire out ? Westjet has cheap fares to Calgary 🙂

    Re: the hair coloring – You’d look fine in any color 😉

    Re; the re-arranged furniture – tell Chrissy to “Suck it up” 🙂 – this is what I tell Haimish and Alexander when I make changes they don’t like

    Congrats on losing the weight you can do it. – next time you have an ice cream and chocolate coke, have half portions and mix together.


    PS, you know my comments were only in fun.

  4. Bill — 1) I worked for years as a housekeeper, and for awhile in maintenance. I used to hire out. 2.) Thanks for the hair compliment. Next time I’ll do my hair green and challenge you to repeat that. 3.) Chrissy taught the couch who was who by beating the crap out of the lap blanket and throw pillow. 4.) And don’t worry, I have no problems with good natured teasing.

  5. It may be a dump but it’s a clean dump and it’s inhabited by a well turned out lady who doesn’t weigh as much as she did last month. I’ve run out of positives , but that should keep you going for a while.

  6. Mumma — there’s red and then there’s red. The color I saw in the mirror was not one of nature!

    Brian — I am certain they will put them all back. 🙁

    Bazza — your reply was wonderfully cheering and funny. Thank you.

  7. Sounds like my carpet. I don’t know what person thought white looped carpet was a good idea. It shows every stain and dirt gets trapped under the loops. I vacuumed the other day and I couldn’t believe all the nasty stuff that came out of those carpets. Someday I will remove the carpets and discover enough land to form a new state. 🙂

    Haircolor- I consider myself an expert, as I have had every naturally occuring color, including grey. And a few unnatural colors. lol If I were allowed to play with your haircolor in the way you played with Rumble’s fingernail color (heehee), I would not do a red. But I think a VERY dark chocolate brown would look amazing on you. That being said, I like your color. It’s a nice linen shade, and looks more natural than the more yellow blonde colors people often go for.

    When I lost all my weight, I lost about 6 in my waist and 9 in my hips. But I only lost 1 in my bust. I keep thinking I’m going to topple over, but it hasn’t happened yet. ROFL!!

  8. *whew* on the Revlon! Lucky for me redheads don’t take color well — I don’t even TRY! 😉 Also lucky for me … I actually LIKE red hair!!!

    I’m losing too – but so slowly I can HARDLY track the progress! It’s crazy!

  9. Brig — my nautral hair color is dirty brown, but my grey came in a beautiful platinim, and it looks better with the blonde — also, it keeps me from feeling old. Now, if I could get some spackle for the wrinkles.

    Melli — red hair is beautiful on people who are supposed to have red hair. As to the weightloss, it’ll come. Be patient.

  10. OK, Quilly, that’s just a bad day now. Especially when you consider that there is only mulberry for you to sneeze at great cost and extraordinary effort.

  11. Doug — Mulberry is not a bad day. It is a bad season. About the only season the weather is descent and still I am stuck inside. pft!

  12. LOL @the housecleaning. I hate it and try never to do things I hate.

    I know what you mean about the hair color. I think it’s just a game the hair coloring companies play with us to freak us out.

    Poor kitties. Don’t do that to them Quilly, it’s not nice. lol

    Congrats on the weight lose. It’s coming off and that’s better than coming on. 🙂

  13. Donna — I love the house clean, I just don’t always love cleaning it. Dishes and laundry are the worse because they never go away. Of course, if I used fewer dishes maybe I’d enjoy more weightloss …. (And off at any speed is much better then on.)

  14. Slow and steady wins the race or loses the weight. Just keep at it. Hair color is an odd thing. My wife has brown hair. Has always had brown hair. But the picture the church took and mailed out in the monthly mailing shows her with flaming red hair. No hair stifgf just an odd camera.

  15. no cheap fairs to Iceland, I guess I have to clean my own mess.
    youa re slimming, slow or fast…you are doing it and someone once told me that:
    It is better to lose wieght slow, becuas ein most cases when there is a quick weight loss, there is an even quicker weight-regain once you stop. Slow might just be the right way!

  16. Minka — yes, everyone says slow is the way, especially my doc. Still, I’d like more rapid progress with less effort on my part. (I specialize in impossible requests.)

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