The Great Rug War

Last night when I went to bed my kitchen was clean. My floor was swept. Both the throw rugs were freshly laundered and free of feline fur. One was in front of the sink. The other was in front of the stove.

This morning when I wandered into my kitchen I found this:

The lump in the rug to your right is Christmas, and had I waited another second to snap the pic, I would have captured her paw reaching out to twap Fluffy. A great battle ensued — all in fun, of course.  It took them awhile to notice me but as soon as they did, they hot-tailed it out of the kitchen (see Fluffy’s hind legs in retreat?) and left me this:

Please note the cat fur all over the carpets! And the shoes were originally by the front door! That appliance you are looking at is the washing machine, and I am thinking I should put the cats in it, not the rugs. Why do I even bother to clean?

Two cats, free to good home. Make an offer.

21 thoughts on “The Great Rug War

  1. Quilly

    Cats will be cats and there is nothing you can do. Just learn to love them with all their foibles.

    I stopped by your post yesterday and re-read it and found you think your apartment is a “Dump”. I don’t know what made me think of it but I pictured Bette Davis standing in your apartment with one foot cocked against the wall Knee High to the other leg with a cigarette smoldering and saying “What A Dump”. For some reason I can’t remember what movie that is from or why I thought of it.

    Enjoy your cats and remember they are worth too much to let go.


  2. Bill — I am mailing them to you. Go stand by your mailbox. Uhm — what’s your address? Bette Davis wouldn’at have come into this trailer. I knew it was a dump when I moved in. The price is right. I lived in a nice place and couldn’t afford internet, TV or phone. I live in a not so nice place and have all three. It’s just a matter of deciding what’s important. My house is clean, dry and air conditioned — besides, I’ve lieved in worse places.

  3. That’s our rugs, half hour after vacuuming. I never knew German Shepards shed so much…and my mother just had to get a long haired Shepard to boot.

    And did I mention that the vacuum cleaner is on the fritz.


  4. awwwwwwwwwwww….soemtimes I am really glad my pet is just a tiny little bird. The worst damage ever done on his part, was ruining a lamp and taht was becuase I was goen too long.

    Funky rugs!

  5. Minka — Fluffy was given his name for a reason. When he was quite small he was just a little puffball with eyes. Now, with all the hair forever all over my house and clothes, I don’t know why he isn’t bald!

    The rugs are chenile and very soft and plush. When I first saw them I knew I had to have them, but wasn’t quite certain what to do with them — until I saw the red and green kitchen curtains — so my kitchen is white with red and green accents.

  6. Think you can make that three cats and sneak mine in there somewhere? 😀

    Love the shoes.

    I am considering vacuuming my cat rather than my rugs, but I’m worried she wouldn’t survive the horror. Especially since it has an attachment that suggests you wear hearing and eye protection when you use it. And no, I’m not kidding. It’s one hardcore vacuum. lol

  7. Ahem, you know that there isn’t actually a state called “Ye Olde Cornfield, Heartland, America” don’t you? And there might be a zip code 66666, but I don’t live there. Yet. Give me time to commit more naughtiness, and I just might. 😀

  8. Brig — you’re so funny. Yes, I knew the address wasn’t real! But if I ship the cats to Adsense in care of your blog, I bet you’ll get them.

  9. DaBich — I do. I really do have to find homes for them though. I am moving to Hawaii and they won’t be. Somedays I’m okay with that and other days I’m not.

  10. Quilly, if you send them care of Adsense, I can promise you they will be returned. “Brig who??? Oh, her! We don’t have her address since she’s never going to make payout.”

    I understand your feelings about the cats. I wish you lots of luck finding good homes for them.

  11. Polona – -they’ve been playing with those rugs since the day I bought them. In fact, Chrissy was hanging from one of them when I picked it up to put it in the wash. Her attitude said, “Hey, give those back! We worked dang hard to get those just the way we like them!”

    Brig — OC assured me again the other day that I can take them to Hawaii — but the expense is silly. And we’re going to be living in a small apartment for awhile. Chrissy will be the hardest to part with, not only because she is crippled, but because she was born premature, no bigger than my thumb, all pink and naked, and I went three days with almost no sleep fighting to keep her alive (my body heat and a meal every 90 minutes) until her momma was finally well enough to take over.

  12. OC — if my heart breaks over these cats keep in mind that I know I am breaking it and you did not ask me to give them up. I am ready to be catbox free, and I’d like to know what life is like with unmarked furniture.

  13. yup! That’s how I feel at the moment… having just all day dusting and clearing all the dust and cat fluff from my study table, book shelves, dining table, etc. The cats are not allowed on the coffee table, dining table or kitchen tops. But their fur just gets everywhere… arghhhh… and yup, rugs. Why do I clean…. sigh…

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