The Best of 2008

I would like to wish a heart-felt, Happy New Year to all of my blogging friends — each and every one of them. Here is list of most of the blogs on my Google Reader.  I left those few off that haven’t updated in eons, but I hold on to just in case.  If I missed you, I promise it was inadvertent.  Drop me a line and let me know.

  • Authorblog Photographer & Author extraordinaire.
  • Betty’s NewsThe light and love of Dr. John’s life — and a Wordzzle-Wrangler, too!
  • Bazza’s Back! Intermittently Occasionally Bazza pops in to let us know what he’s up to, voice an opinion, show off his kids, or just be obnoxious — but it’s always good!
  • Brooke’s Musings My Dear, adorable, niece. She posts intermittently when she has something on her mind she just has to share.
  • Capsun’s Corner A native Hawaiian who loves his home state and shares it (and dishes political hash) passionately.
  • The Chrysalis Stage Nessa: a beautiful internet butterfly, not as flighty as she might seem. Get to know her.
  • Controlled Chaos This photo blog is updated randomly, but the images are worth waiting for!
  • Cozy Reader Jane: sharing her love for God and her family with humor and style.
  • Crazy Cath’s Reflections On haiatus — I know not for how long. Cath?
  • Crows & Daisies A daily dose of photo and verse, served together deliciously.
  • Dr. John’s Fortress The blog that has it all, humor, passion (for God, family & life in general), memes, short stories, photographs, and a daily episode of life in Pigeon Falls, the little village in Dr. John’s basement where there is nothing usual about “life as usual”.
  • Fish Eye A photograph a day (usually) where one is often challenged to view things in a non-traditional way.
  • Gattina Keyhole Pictures The photographs of a lady who has time to travel and enjoy it; and — when she’s not traveling — over interesting and intriguing offerings.
  • GEL’s Emerald Eyes This Green Eyed Girl is new to my blogroll. She shares her art and her poetry with whimsy and gusto!
  • Glimpses Intangible Sporadically updated, here you will find poetic gems and exhortations to participate in life rather than watch it pass by.
  • Heaven in Belgium Jientje — she cooks, she takes photographs, she crafts, she blogs — and she makes it all look easy!
  • Holly’s Never Ever Land I so miss Holly! She has wandered off and left me without my daily dose of side-splitting, oh -my-sides-hurt laughter.
  • Insanity Prevails The Incomparable Melli. She lives life with so much joy it splashes out of her blog and infects everyone who reads it.
  • I Was Born2Cree8 HEre you will get glimpses of one woman’s life in her private zoo full of beloved and treasured pets. She also shares spiritual insights, weather reports, and photographs.
  • Jamie Dawn’s Mindless Blather Jamie cannot be described. She must be experienced. Prepare yourself to laugh out loud.
  • Jule’s Stones Jules chronicles her faith walk with candor and humility, telling us what she has learned living her life with uncompromising faith.
  • Kaleidoscope The name says it all. Here you will get random scenes from Cindy’s life. Some written, some visual — all worth reading.
  • Kat’s random thoughts Kat’s thoughts have grown so very random of late, I fear someone might pull the plug ….
  • Lew’s Pics 365 Days in photographs — and today he posted 366 …..
  • Lisa Bolton Arts Now here is talent! Go look. This lady turns egg shells into art!
  • Little Elijah The cutest toddler in Australia.
  • Maremagnum This globetrotting lady posts pics and tales of her travels.
  • The Mattress Police He thinks he’s funny. He could be right. You decide. And for sure check out his weekly caption contest!
  • Neenz, From the Mind of Slow to update. Mind is either very, very busy — or empty?  ;)  Neenz?
  • New Kid on the Blog Alastair — the fab tattooed, pierced, motorcycle-riding, English Vicar.
  • Nicole Wilker – blogging about her family, and a certain elephant we all love.
  • The Old Fart’s Blog The life of a Canadian bus driver one trip at a time — with nuggets of humor, insight and/or wisdom sprinkled in here and there.
  • Present Tense Everyday a new photo from Andrew — who sometimes ventures beyond Van Buren, Arkansas to take them.
  • Random Thoughts of a Single Mom Random and infrequent. When she’s too busy to post, this mom shares faith songs and/or poems.
  • Reba’s Run A sweet and savvy Rottweiler who is often confused by human customs.
  • Round The Bend The talent evident in this blog is incredible. The lady writes well, takes outstanding photographs and shares articulate and moving local history posts. She gardens, she crafts — and she’s a young, beautiful, doting grandma.
  • Serenity Days Amber — she came to blogging in search of serenity and hasn’t found it yet, but for the most part she’s having fun along the way!
  • Scabiosa Trenta usually photos, occasionally prose, on rare occasions personal thoughts, and — when she’s truly inspired — a mixture of two or more.
  • Cath’s Cradle Hasn’t been rockin’ much lately.
  • This Old Farm Shelly isn’t blogging as frequently as she used to, but her posts still share beautiful scenery, and beautiful thoughts from a beautiful heart.
  • Thoughts of A Father Work has taken Robert away from us. I wait for his occasional posts and glimpses of his outstanding photography.
  • Truth is Freedom Prose, poetry and politics — not necessary in that order.
  • Views From Raven’s Nest some days Raven shares her photo views. Other days she shares her political views. Always she shares a passion for peace and justice.
  • Waking Ambrose Here a growly dog dishes out misogynistic humor a la Ambrose Bierce, and charmingly updates it for the 21st century. Interestingly enough, the Dawg’s admirers are mostly female ….
  • Watch My Aerogrow A garden on your kitchen counter. What will they think of next?

Of course I am certain that you all know that as far as I am concerned the very best of 2008 was my own, wonderful OC — who makes my heart sing (though he’s just as happy when my mouth doesn’t.)

Reflect This – Can We Talk?

There is only one of me. There are over 77 of you — I kid you not. Then there all all the extra people from the projects and the challenges and the memes …. I can’t keep up. Today I didn’t even try. I looked at my feed reader, took a deep breath, and closed my laptop. I read the better part of a novel, visited with a friend, and got the laundry and some ironing done. I went for a walk. I did not open my laptop. It felt pretty darn good.

With 80 some blogs on my feed reader, and most of you posting daily or several times a week and some of you posting several times per day (not that I am naming names or pointing fingers David, Alice & Karen), the better part of my day is spent reading and commenting — or answering comments on my own blog. After all of that I still have to make my own post, polish and perfect it, and that leaves me precious little time for much else.

So, with that in mind I would like you to answer the following questions:

How many of you will be devastated if I quit answering the comments?

How many of you would be devastated if I sometimes skipped Ruby Tuesday?

How many of you would be devastated if I sometimes skipped Wordless Wednesday?

How many of you would be devastated if I sometimes skipped Sky Watch Friday?

How many of you would be devastated if I visited your blog less frequently — say no more often than you visit mine? Yes, I know, some of you come by 2 & 3 times a day. I’ll be able to figure out who you are by your reaction to the first question. Some folks only come by once or twice a week, even though I visit them daily.

I have to cut something. What’s it to be?

Brass Fingers

Skywatch From the Ground, Up

There was a year end celebration at our school the other day. Every grade level performed, including pre-K. Three retiring staff members were honored, and 50 rainbow doves were released at the end of the ceremony. Twenty five were released to the left, 25 were released to the right.

The two groups swirled around and around above the school, much to the joy of the children and much to the nervousness of folks like me who were wishing they hadn’t forgotten their hats.

From The Ground, Up,
My World in Pictures, by JFargo.

With each pass overhead the two groups got closer and closer together ….

SKY WATCH comes to us via Wigger’s World, in the United Kingdom.
Thanks, Tom!

…. until finally they merged as one,

and flew away.

Special Request

As most of you know I have started a new blog.  It’s purpose is to, hopefully, become a revenue generator.  In order to generate revenue it has to have some authority, and the only way to get authority is to have links.  So, if you would please add Oahu Dreams to your blog links I would be very appreciative.  If you don’t care to do this because you don’t visit that blog, I won’t be offended.

Several blog revenue companies I wish to work with require that the blog has been up and posting at least two to three posts per week for three months.  I have a ways to go yet before I  am able to even hope for a small pay check.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, requests, or suggestions for future posts on Oahu, please feel free to mention them.  I will take any and all the help I can get!

Also, if you are a regular and I have somehow missed putting you in my links, please say so.  I’ll get that fixed.