I Am Honored

Quilly’s Quips is currently a 5 time winner of the Thinking Blogger Award.  I think that is enough.  I want to thank every one of the thinking bloggers who nominated me.  Their blogs are worthy of your time.  Stop by, kick back and read for awhile.  You won’t be sorry.






And in case you are wondering who I nominated, you can check that out here!

13 thoughts on “I Am Honored

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  2. Happy Birthday, milady. And thanks once again for the shoutout. Maybe your students will shout you a cake. Of course, somebody’d have to inspect it …


  3. Quilly, it si Monday and your birthday…………Hurray! Can we have a party here later on…I am talking cake, sufficient lubrication and lots of dancing???
    That´d be nice…hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

  4. Cindra — Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    Doug — I am a very thoughtful person. 😛

    OC — I love you to distraction. You must feel the same about me. I know that because today is not my birthday. Tomorrow is. :*

    Minka – Monica – Penguin Thank you. We can have my party anywhere you please if you’re bringing cake!

    TLP — thank you!

    Pauline — thank you!

    Old Mule — thank you!

  5. Congratulations on the Five separate Nominations. You do have a wonderful blog so I can see why everyone wants to say “Hey Look At Quilly”.

    Enjoy the spoils of the rewards, you do truly deserve it.

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