Pizza Winners Announced!

The first winner is #6: Raven from Views from Raven’s Nest.

The second winner is #9:  Tilden from Tilden Talks.

The third winner #4:  K.A. Gardner from Flipside. Florida.

Send me your mailing address so I can get your pizza coupon out to you in the morning mail.  Those of you who were not chosen, do not despair.  Visit Freschetta online and print out your very own $1.00 off coupon.

Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who played!  I’ll see you next time there’s a cool giveaway going down!

And the Winner Is ….


This has been quite the summer for me.  I won almost every contest I entered.  Right now I am wishing I’d have bought a lottery ticket!

Let me show you my loot and offer my thank yous ….

From Drew at, I received this nifty water bottle.  It has his brand new logo on it which I think is way cool.


Thank you, Drew. Every time I drink from it I will think of you — and so will anybody else within sight.  ;).


From Susan at StonyRiver, I received these three books and this really cool card. Apparently in Europe female readers still like the “men are beasts and women are wimps” romances. No wonder Susan doesn’t like to read them!

Now, about the really cool card:

She loved it.

He spent about an hour analyzing it. “I think it’s the pool cues,” He said.

She, looking up from the book, which she’d started reading in the middle. “Huh?”

He explains, “The tower. You know, ‘Abbott says the billiard table has to go?’  I think it is because of the pool cues.”

She, still confused. “What pool cues? Where?”

He points at the card on the table in front of her. “The billiards table,” he says as though she’s the one not making sense.  “I think when they line up their shots they must punch out the bricks with their pool cu–.    Why are you looking at me like that?”

Thank you, Susan, you sent giggles and joy from your mailbox to mine.


And from Linda from Mocha With Linda — I already have the preface and part of the first chapter read.  This won’t be a fast read, but I think it will be a valuable one.


Thank you, Linda. I will read and study prayerfully and in thanksgiving for your generosity and testimony to the good in the world.

Imagine That!

I’m a winner!  I won the Great Imagination Award #3 from Akelamalu.


This is an exclusive award received by only two: Julia from, A Piece of My Mind, and I.  We won the award for our southern accent comments on Akelamalu’s, Great Imagination Competition #3.  I would like to thank all of the other players.  I thought most of them were lots funnier than I.

I most definitely want to thank everyone who voted for my comment — and Akelamalu for thinking up such a fun competition.



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