Same Song, Different Virus

Sick again.  Weak trembling.  Spending too much time with john — but at least I have royal seating.

Today a new symptom assailed me — swollen joints.  My knees, elbows and knuckles are puffy, stiff and sore. And an old symptom remains — the stuffy nose and congested lungs.

I am achy and sore and miserable. My eyes burn and even my hair hurts.   You all play nice without me while I crawl into a corner and sleep.

Just keep it down please.



Need sleep.

Been feeling icky since Wednesday night and it just keeps getting worse.

Before Amoeba left for church he told me to stay in bed.  I can’t reach my computer from there, but don’t worry.  I will get back in bed as soon as I hear the garage door open.

Amoeba also poked ibuprophen in me this morning and made me wash it down with ice water even though I have the chills.  I was rolled up tight like a fat little sausage in its casing and Amoeba straightened the blankets and pulled my arms out of the covers.  Meany.

His hands were wonderfully cool and I loved them on my face and neck.  Isn’t that funny since I’m freezing?

I just want to be well.